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Tenshi No Uta / Song of the Angel

Tenshi No Uta / Song of the Angel
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“Tenshi No Uta” translates to “Song of the Angel”. This was a game released in 1994 by Telnet Japan and had many of the developers who would eventually form the famous ‘Wolf Team’ that brought us Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean! In fact, I believe it even has the same composer for the music too. Play the game, and the music will be very familiar to fans of the above aforementioned games.

The graphics are colorful, crisp, and get the general point across. There is also some beautiful hand drawn artwork during cut scenes, which really add to the game. The character portraits are also a nice touch to bring the tiny character sprites to life. The music is top notch and brings to life each every event in the game. The soundtrack is amongst the best of any SFC game I’ve heard. The gameplay is the typical RPG fighting engine, with a few additions. Tenshi allows you to parley with monsters utilizing negotiations and even some purchases. The beautiful graphics, sound, and story more than make up for the more basic battle system.

Tenshi No Uta is a love story at it’s core. A young man named Rayard meets a traveling circus performer named Callana. They fall in love early, but part ways due to Callana’s traveling lifestyle. After many days of misery, Rayard pulls himself together and sets out to tell Callana how he really feels. Thus, the real journey begins! This game has angels, demons, and even Satan himself! The story and writing are the standouts of this game. If you appreciate substance over style, you’ll enjoy this game for its charming core!