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Game Specific Sites
The best Dual Orb 2 site on the net! A comprehensive, very nice looking page dedicated to everyone's favorite English translation of Dual Orb 2!!
This is the best english Emerald Dragon page on the net. A wealth of information about the game can be found here including information on all the ports and comparisons, memorabilia, etymologies, maps, wallpapers and more! If you are even remotely interested in Emerald Dragon, I recommend you go there now!
SNES/NES Development Sites
A nice little wiki focusing on programming for the SNES. Contains some small bits of information and code for various aspects of the system. They're small, but hopefully grow and continue to be useful.
A site with a lot of information on development for the NES and SNES. They also have a highly technical forum with informational discussion you probably won't find anywhere else! It's a little unorganzied, but all useful information none the less. If you want to learn about how the NES works and how to code for it, this is the site to go to!
A very nice SNES site containing development information, ROM information, game cart info and more! You want information on the SNES, go there NOW!
Fan Translation Sites
This is the central hub of the ROM hacking community and is the best source for all your hacking needs. They have an archive of hundreds of hacking docs, utilities, ROM hacks, and translation patches! There are plenty of tutorials for the newbie, as well as the more intermediate ROM hacker! They also act as a one stop community news source! Go there!
This group was the result of a merger between Stealth Translations (Bongo') and Magic Destiny. They have released a number of SNES fan translations including Lennus II, Mystic Ark, and Slayers! They are also currently working on several others including Chaos Seed and Aretha II. There are some talented guys working over there and they are getting things done! They are one of my favorite current day SNES focused ROM hacking groups!
This is the famous Gideon Zhi's group page. He's a pretty cool guy and has the longest fan translation resume I know of, with many releases including Live-A-Live, Treasure of the Rudras, Star Fox 2, and many others! He's even more popular than me! :P Anyone who uses any ROM hacking message boards included MINE likely knows who this guy is. He's very nice and helpful person who has given invaluable contributions to the translation community! Check out his page NOW!
This site is run by.. you guessed it.. King Mike! King Mike is a long time supporter and friend to TransCorp and we support him! The King has many misc. completed translations to offer such as Bannana Prince, Knights Of The Zodiac, and Shell Monster Story (Kaijyu Monogatari and also prequel to SNES's Dai Kai 1+2) and more! One of the King's projects includes Magna Braban, one of my personal favorites. AND he has a unique web page reminding me of my own retro styling! So go, seek an audience with the King today!
This is Cless's site and home to the Tales of Phantasia Playstaiton remake English Translation.
Hosted right here on Parodius is fellow hacker Kitsune Sniper's page. His specialy lies in NES translations and he has a handful of completed patches and ongoing projects for several misc. NES games.
He's working on Filena as well as the Energy Breake script. He's been around the community for a long while and has had quite a few misc. contributions. Give him a visit.