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Creating a RPG part 2

Started by Bongo, October 16, 2003, 06:45:39 PM

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Well, here is a small tatse of the demo / fan-base game I was / am coding. Needs some work, but at least the structure is cool. Give it a try... or

The game's current title is Dragon Battle. And it will be running in full screen when done. Becareful, it can error on you.  :-/

I forgot to mention. I was considering making this a Strategic RPG, like FEDA, but not many people like those I guess...  :(
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Tested it.  Here's some comments ^_^.

- Gah!!!  What happened to the colours??? (just jking, yeah, colours need some work, but since this is just a demo it's not that bad.
- horizontal and vertical walking speed is different.
- Lot and lots of missing scripts lol
- The game cna't be deleted XD.  I guess I'll have to reboot my comp first.

That's about it.  Well, I personally can't do this, so I still have to say you did a good job.


Has anything changed since the last version you sent me Bongo?

I don't have any demo's of my engine anymore.  I scrapped what I was doing in favor of revising it to work with the map editor I was coding and that's not nearly finished yet.  So they are both kinds in nonworking limbo right now.

I was doing mind in D3D and set it up for Alpha Blending, Scaling, Rotation, and all those neat effects.  My engine also allows for both 2d and 3d objects.  I was planning on having spell effects or some other objects done in 3d.  While the engine will primarily be 2d, I can see some good use for 3d effects. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I wouldn't be surprised if the colors are bad. For some reason the colors are bad on my work computer. I guess if it does not go fullscreen then it may be off. That or the Video Card uses a 5.5.5 format which is not yet supported. Who knows...

Well, just a little. The scripting engine had some changes and fixes. For a while the "GOLD" box that display when you talked to teh prostitute would be screwed up. And it also required a key press when you Displayed the GOLD box,but I fixed that. Umm, I like D3D. Can I do anything in 3D? HELL NO! Am I anelite coder like you!? HELL NO! =] I can't even install VC++ 6 onmy damn PC!! >:(

But this is basically a demo. Only thing near 3D that I have done was a raycasting engine. And that is it! And that isn't 3D at all! I gues I need to try some 3D stuff before I say that I can't do it. I may trash what I am doing for a 3D demo.  :o

BTW, if you wanna look at some of the script code, open the file "script.dbs" ( change the extension to *.txt first ) in the script folder. It will look a mess because that is what it "compiles" to.  ;D
Hatred is an illness... I feel your pain.

Great Red Spirit

I'm glad it's going to be fullscreen, the window mode is way too small :P
The window is screwed up too... I took a screenshot
The engine is alright though, but when the colors appear right, it'll be a lot better (not trying to be a graphics whore here, I just like correct colors :) )
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Ahh, glad you made a picture of it. I forgot that the window mode requires you be in 16-Bit desktop mode... That is why you have half a darn screen... =] Plus the window is for debugging. ever try to debug if Fullscreen EXCLUSIVE?  ???
Hatred is an illness... I feel your pain.

Great Red Spirit

True. Having dual moniters would be sweet for a case like this, one moniter for the game itself, and the other for the actual code for the game/engine
*continues personal fantasies about having ultimate personal computer, now with dual moniters*
If you don't know what this is, you don't know how screwed you are


I know, making an engine from scratch is tough.  That's why I still congratulate you for what you have so far.


Coding in D3D doesn't really mean you have to code in 3d.  You can still use D3D to code 2d and that is in fact my primary use for it.  Although you do have to code 2d using a 3d mentality in d3d.
I guess that sorta forces you to learn a bit of 3d, but you can always use the D3DXSprite interface in D3D and not need much 3d programming concepts at all.  

Learning 3d was fun though. It was good to update my knowledge with the times because let's face it.. we're not going to be seeing much more 2d now a days. :(

D3D has it's advantages and disadvantages.  I don't encourage nor discourage you from learning it.  A coder should code in whatever language he/she choses and is comfortable with.

By the way, the colors were always correct in your demo for me.  I keep my desktop at 16-bit all the time.  32-bit is a waste in my opinion and makes windows slower.  Anything less than 16-bit looks awful. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Well, I worked on my Util again over the weekend and fixed up some things. I'm wondering if I shoulf compile the scripting code into BINARY data instead of ASCII data., the file would surely be smaller and the access would be a lot faster too!

I will look into some D3D this weekend. I'm also looking to recode the Mapping control. ( How the characters move around. ) Right now I have it just like DW. The characters always stay in the center of the screen. Anyway. Hope I can learn something. Playing Skies of Arcadia and seeing the 3D in that game makes me wanna learn 3D...
Hatred is an illness... I feel your pain.