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Started by TechMaster, June 06, 2003, 01:30:08 AM

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Here's the catch about the Final Fantasy/Braver Battle Saga issue.  They do share the same chinese name which translates into "Space Warrior/Fighter".  However, the Chinese name for Final Fantasy is a translation (a crappy one in my mind cause space fighter has nothing to do with final fantasy :P) while the Chinese name for Braver Battle Saga is its original name and that most likely the space fighter thingy is a direct English translation from its Chinese name.  Also, I'm not sure if "Braver Battle Saga" is the official English name for the game or is it just some random translation given to the game by some random pirate guy. (think Breath of Fire 3 on megadrive which is actually New Begger Prince which actually has the official English name Myth on Light)


I'm inclined ot think the game is a fan-made final fantasy. Byuu and Tetsuo actually found the webpage of the author of the Fengsheng Yingjiechuan game. He makes it free for download. Likely this is a similarly made game. If you notice, almost all its artwork is stolen from other Squaresoft games.
The title screen reads "Barver Battle Saga" at the bottom so it's not just a mangled ROM name by cowering.