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Games you are playing now!

Started by TechMaster, June 06, 2003, 01:30:08 AM

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Bounty Sword (SFC partial real time strategy RPG)

Braver Battle Saga (Megadrive Chinese rpg, yeah, I finally beat that boss, it was tough though since I had to watch my every command)

So, what're you guys playing now?


I am playing Alundra for Playstation.  Overall a good game.  I'm having some fun with it.  :)  
It's similar to Legend of Zelda for Super Nintendo in style but not quite as wonderful.


castlevania aria of sorrow (for gba) one of the series best to date
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pearl jam.


FF Origins - FFI (PS) - a little annoying, actually.
Star Wars: Starfighter (PS2) - I love these shooting games.  Found it in the used bin at EB, along with the next title...
Seek and Destroy (PS2) - graphics aren't too hot, but the game features customizable SD tanks.
Secret of Mana (SNES) - I'm shrining this game, so I'm doing a whole lot of stuff as I play through.


NOTE: Yes, I do have ADD and am extremely easily bored/distracted... so I tend to play many games at once.

Vagrant Story: Excellent game, possibly the best presentation I have EVER seen (puts FFVII to shame), and a great battle system.

Phantasy Star I-IV: I'm on 1 now and plan to play through the entire series... I'm sooooo excited :) I have never played them before and I hear such great things.

Crusader of Centy: Surprisingly good Zelda clone for Genesis. (I've been digging up the hidden treasures of the Genesis RPGs lately...)

Alundra and Xenosaga: I put both of these down during finals week but haven't resumed them yet - I'm sure I will soon, when I beat one of the games I'm currently playing.

And finally, I've been working on Tactics Ogre, though I got bored on about level 65 of the Deep Dungeon - oops, I mean, Hell's Gate.

And in the future: the Shining series for Genesis, and maybe a replay of my favorite PSX FF: FFIX (I'm a heathen...)
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Feeling good now that I beat EarthBound again. What a weird, but good RPG that is! Dissappointed that Pokey won't make good on his revenge threat, but can't wait for the sequel. Still hoping for that NoA'll release the GBA remake. Then EB0 can be played in English guilt-free.



Well, records for both BS (I am not swearing) and BBS (this is not a forum) have been killed with the HDD.  Dang.  Most likely I'm not gonna touch those two games again....

(btw, those names are shortened for a light joke purpose)


Zelda: Ocarina of Time (via Gamecube port)

Why didn't anybody tell that this game was so good!??


Crusader of Centy: Surprisingly good Zelda clone for Genesis. (I've been digging up the hidden treasures of the Genesis RPGs lately...)

I tried out Cursader of Centy.  Seemed like a decent Zelda clone, however lacked in story badly from what I played.  does it get any better? I only played up to the first boss.. that wolf guy.  I haven't been able to figure out how to get that stupid rabbit to talk to me either.  The entire quest seems more pointless than most games.  you turned 14.. got your fathers sword and reported to the king and sent you off to no where in particular to make yourself a hero.. absolutely zero details. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Well, I beat the game, and apparently in the end you don't beocme a hero.  In the original timeline the kindom strives for heroes, however, you changed the past (there's some twists in the game) and the kingdom now strives for peace.  The guy who everyone thought was the hero (the big fat no good guy lol)  of the kingdom is now in jail because everyone thought he's dangerous.  After you beat the game, if I'm not wrong, you can roam around the town and see everyone's attitude changed.  In the end, you're just another peasent, that's all.


Heroine Anthem II of course! Got mine on Friday and boy is it ever good. :) I'm also replaying FF3 US with all the rare items that you can't get hacked into the game ot see if any new events happen (for some people over at the EmuXHaven boards).

Hey TechMaster, would the appropriate title translation for Barver Battle Saga be Final Fantasy? I noticed the title was outer space soldier which is the name of the FInal Fantasy series in China and Taiwan.


Got a link to any screenshots of Heroine Anthem 1 or 2?
That's for the PC correct? - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.



Is that the game that had the blowing blades of grass and windmills and seemed like the ultimate 2d masterpeice that I felt should have been the future of gaming instead of 3d crap?

If you complete a translation for those games, I'd buy them in a heartbeat.  I'm tempted to buy them now, but I don't think I'd get much enjoyment from them not being able to understand a thing.
That and if you never release a public translation, or never finish, I've got useless games sitting around.

One thing bothers me though.. the plot reminds me a little too much of the Little Mermaid, at least the beginning part of the first game. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


The only similarities are the fact there's a mermaid, a talking lobster (it was a crab in Disney) and a sea witch who turns you into a human. The actual plot is an entirely different matter and the charcter's personalities are as close ot polar opposites of Disney as you can get.

Re translation: I still don't know what to do about that. I'm certainly getting a bit tired of people fucking me around all the time and am more than a bit miffed at Alerith. Chances are, Byuu and I will end up working out some kind of heavy protection and distributing it to people who actually ownt he game. Then after two years, release it for regular download. That way people who actually own it can enjoy it while at least minimizing piracy a little. And after two years, chances are they won't be making much money from the game, if any, so a release should be safe.

FYI, I heard from Talbain (from the old JS board) that he heard from his brother who's in the Army, stationed in Taiwan, that Heroine Anthem I is still available in most stores despite being out of print. It's just YesAsia that's out of stock. He also said Heroine Anthem II is being sold everywhere (i.e. think inside of grocery stores). I've helped a few people to get it from eBay Taiwan. Usually you can find it for about $10-$15 US and if you ask, the sellers almost always ship to the USA if you pay for it ($11). So both games are very accessable ina  reasonable price range.

I'm thinking of making a tutorial page on how ot get it from eBay Taiwan (i.e. Chinese phrases to ask the seller if they'll ship to the USA, translations of commonly accepted payment types, etc). Not sure if it's worth the time though.