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Cyber UF2

Started by TechMaster, June 18, 2003, 01:17:59 AM

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TechMaster (download)

Site of producer: (there's a Chinese and an English site, of course, the guy who made this is Chinese)

Software Requirements: Something that will display flash, since this is a flash game.

Hardware Requirements: Really fast CPU.  My celeron 600 mhz can't handle this game completely.  When I go trigger happy the game starts to lag and my aim goes very off. (that's why I like the handguns better than the machine guns in this game)

Game Genre: Shooting

Series that this game belong to: Hostility Series (note: This is the only series that doens't have blood in it.  Yeah, this game's pretty healthy consider its ancestors are more PG-18 games)

Age Restriction: What ever the age that is ok for kids been able to play shooting games that doesn't kill anyone. (this is suppose to be a small joke lol)

Point of Game: You start with only one weapon available.  You will have three difficulty: Easy, Normal, or Hard for each weapon.  You will be given targets to shoot at and you must shoot all of them in a certain time limit (no time displayed, only a time bar you'll see on the floor, when it disappears, you fail).  Success can lead to two things: continue by pressing W or you will unlock the next set of weapons.  Eventually, you will fight the drone that controls the practice area and you'll probably be able to unlock one hidden weapon and two hidden stage (well, those are the blanks I have left, so I made a logical guess, the last statement above about unlocking secret stages may not be true since I still need confirmation).

Weapon List:
PP-98: Lonag range autofire (hold) hand gun.
MF-SMG: Long range machine Gun (hold for autofire).
TB-32: Medium range electric shocker (hold for autofire).
RCP-120: 80 round long range machine gun (hold for autofire).  Not very loud compared to MF-SMG.
GDIL 64: Close range light sabre that disguises itself as a cell phone.
SA-Ab: Long range one handed sub-machine gun.  Pressing trigger once will shoot three bullets (not all at once though). Hold for autofire.
MF-Flame anm: Close range flame thrower.  Hold for autofire.
DIES IRAE: The most powerful and the most inaccurate weapon in the game (lol).  It's a rocket launcher and it cna fire 4 consecutive rockets each time before reloading.

GD-ACG6 (Archangel, Gun): Six bullet revolver.
MATADOR: Medium range electric shocker.  Hold to charge up energy and will cause a bigger impact when release (hold for 5 seconds).
SG3 SHARK: Medium range 7 bullet shot gun.  Has quite a large impact area.
GD-ACG6 (sabre): Close range light sabre attached to the bottom of the handle of Archangel.
SA-GR11 (Grim Reaper): Long range machine gun (hold for autofire).  It is quite light because its bullets has no shell. Thus, it has a faster reloading time as well.
Magnet Boom: Short range gernade.  Activates when target passes above it.  It will stick to target and explode.
Unknown Weapon: ???

Tips: Aim carefully.  Hitting the target right in the center will destroy it in one hit.  Hitting the outer area will require four hits to destroy target.

Neat stuff about this game:  This game will change its background from day to night depends on your computer's time.  Also, there will be airships in the background.  You can hit them with long range weapons (and then you'll see people flying off everywhere, just for a little laugh.  there's usually three in the time given, I was able to hit all three and complete one difficulty with a certain gun).

Post your comments after you tried this game.


Ok, I beat the crap out of PSENG and found that easy rating will lead to a set of 10 level stage.  In that one, I have to beat it in medium under the time limit then I'll unlock the information section.  It'll display all the weapons including the hidden weapon.  In order to get info on the hidden weapon, I had to reset the game (ahhhhh!!!!) and found that I have to either hold the locked button for 50 seconds or press the locked button for 50 times. (only works when the hidden weapon locked button turns blue)

As for PSENG and that ten level stage, I'm not sure if beating any rating works.  Since no Unlocked sign popped up after beating it and I still got have them unlocked, it is possible that beating those two in any rating will trigger the unlock.