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FireSage released his Daikai 1 partial patch

Started by KingMike, July 26, 2003, 02:34:56 AM

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FireSage released his partial translation of Daikaijyu Monogatari for SNES. He says in his readme that you bugged him to release it, Nightcrawler. ;D So, here it is. I think I'll try it out later.


Wow.. I can't believe he did anythign with the patch.. and I can't believe he said that.

That's not really true.. I approached him about his status on the project because I was interested in picking it up.  He said he wasn't working on it anymore.  So I wanted him to release his notes on what he did have so someone else could take over.  He never really responded to that to my knowledge.

This was last year I THINK..

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