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I'm new

Started by Kalisiin Kumaki, February 08, 2012, 07:31:08 PM

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Kalisiin Kumaki

Hi, I am new here.
I cam looking for somewhere to talk about Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest.

I host a general RPG discussion board, and I'd be happy to host forums about Indie games, I love them.

Also looking for some DW/DQ fans to come and discuss the greatest commercially-released RPG series of all time!!


It's probably not a good idea to spam your forum in multiple posts on my forum. I thought you were a spambot and was going to delete your account until I saw you were actually a person from the site.

Your posts leave me wondering how you even found your way here since they were unrelated to TransCorp. :P - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.

Kalisiin Kumaki

Sorry.  I'm just trying to find a good place to talk about Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest.

I can't go to Dragon's Den...I have a major personality problem with the Admin there.

there WAS another board but it closed down.  Was hoping to discuss it here, or get some fans from here to check out my site and discuss it there.

I actually googled up dragon warrior dragon quest forum boards, and your board showed up with a topic about it, so I thought I'd try.

I'm also a fan of indie and homebrew - can't code my way out of a paper bag, but I'm a happy user of what other awesome people produce!

I have an acekard on my DSiXL, and I also own a GBA SP with a Supercard, as well as a Dingoo, which I have modded out to run dual operating systems, Native and Dingux.

So I have a lot of emulation on those game systems.  So there is plenty of interest for me here.  Not trying to take away your members or anything, I'd like to continue here talking about things this board seems more dedicated to, which is emulation and indie games.

However, I thought I might find a few fans here who would welcome a DW/DQ board to discuss that particular they could check that out and still stay here, too.

I did not mean any offense or to break any rules.  Yes, I am the owner/operator of - which runs a version of the text-based RPG Legend of the Green Dragon - based on Seth Able's old door game Legend of the Red Dragon.

That is a kinda fun sort of blast from the past, too, if anyone here cares to check it out.

seriously, I did not mean to break any rules or anything, I am just really looking for a place to discuss Dragon warrior/Dragon quest...and somewhere I can brag about all my accomplishments on DQ9.


No harm done and an interesting story. It's rare that people stumble here unfamiliar with TransCorp. I'm familiar with Seth Able's Legend of the Red Dragon. I used to play regularly back in the BBS days. I also played on a few sites via telnet up to a few years ago.

You mentioned you know about emulation, but are you familiar with ROM hacking? If not, ROM hacking is modifying those ROMs you have for emulation into new original works, remixed works, or translated works of the original game. TransCorp (Nightcrawler's Translation Corporation) specifically does fan translations of SNES games that were never released in English. In addition to that, I personally do a host of ROM hacking related projects and other endeavors, some of which have been spoken about on the forum here.

I created and own There are some Dragon Quest fanatics that can be found on the forums there as well. Although I highly suggest you rethink your first post over there to be something more constructive to discussion of a particular topic. There are far more people and moderators over there. They see new people daily. To fit in and put yourself above the rest, an intelligent and thoughtful topic of discussion can grab attention better.  :) - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.

Kalisiin Kumaki

I'd live to see FULLY TRANSLATED DQ5 and DQ6 from the original SuperFamicom - not the Arte Piazza DS remakes, by the way.
I saw the Geechyguy DQ5 translation and the NoPrgress DQ6 translation, but, in both cases, the translation was not 100 percent complete.

Maybe a topic about those might be a good place to start from...because my major interest is DW/DQ.


Dragon Quest 5 on the SFC is translated 100%. In fact, there are two complete translations, which is a rarity.

The first is more of a localization, while the second is a more literal translation. It's a style preference. You can play the first few minutes of both and decide which you want to use.

In addition, the PS2 version of DQ5 is also 100% translated.

Lastly, while the DQ6 translation is not 100%, it is fully playable. The only missing text is going back to towns later on in the game. There are no efforts to complete it at this point that I'm aware of.

I'd also advise doing a quick search on the forum for previous dragon quest topics and make sure you don't make a duplicate. DQ has come up several times in recent discussions if I recall. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.

Kalisiin Kumaki

OK, will check that out.  thanks.

Serach yielded no additional results.  will try DQ and DW.

Same.  No new results.

Gonna check out romhacking.