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How is your recovery going Nightcrawler?

Started by ultpaladin, September 09, 2009, 06:55:58 PM

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For anybody interested. My surgery arm is about 80%. It's not doing nearly as well as I hoped it might by this time frame, but it is at least doing better than before the surgery for the most part. The doctor still believes it will continue to gradually improve. I guess we shall see with time. I kind of have to build up 'stamina' for each new activity I want to do with it. I can do most daily tasks OK now in moderation, but I still can't handle more than 3 or 4 lbs and pain usually sets in by the end of most days still.  

I did get that MRI and diagnosis of my other arm. The doctor believes I have developed the same condition in that arm. :( I'll likely be going to another surgeon and getting a second opinion. The thought of going through the last few months all over again with another arm makes me ill. I had thought the worst was behind me, but it doesn't seem to be so yet. :( - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Do they have a name for this kind of condition?  I don't recall how you originally got injured but its certainly strange and unfortunate that it has affected both of your arms.  Could there be a genetic basis for this?
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It's basically Tendinosis. A degenerative healing failure condition caused by chronic inflammation. There's usually a trigger such as an injury. It's similar to an allergy or asthma (which I also have to minor degree) in functionality. The body overreacts to a trigger and healing goes bad on a cellular level. Over time, healing attempts stop and a degenerative condition persists gradually worsening to disability. Surgical intervention removes all the 'diseased' tissue, cleans it up, strategically drills holes for more blood flow and reboots and controls the healing process through immobilization, therapy, etc.

The problem is I have had no previously known tendon or healing problems, many tried treatments that typically resolve 80-90% of the cases were ineffective, and I got it in both arms not very far apart from each other. One arm seemed to come from a 'known' injury using a power sprayer one time. That's when the whole thing seemed to start. The other arm is still a mystery. And once again, it just won't heal.

Certainly genetic predisposition can be a factor here. It's just so strange that I never had any related problem in my life to this and then all the sudden in a span of a year's time, I go from super strong to nearly disabled in both arms. It just doesn't make sense. I'm afraid of what could be next. I hope the tendons in my legs don't go next!! - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I can only hope there is some form of therapy that can mitigate or eliminate these problems completely so you can return to the way you were before the injury.  Perhaps there are specialists in this field that are working on innovative and less invasive procedures that you may be able to make use of in the future.  

Hopefully the one arm you had surgery on will continue to improve even if it is going at a slow pace because that would suggest the same thing would be possible with the other arm if worse came to worse.  Keep us updated and best wishes.
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My thoughts were the same. My current doctor was previously on medical staff for the Philadelphia Eagles, so I have the same treatments available to me as they do, or so he tells me! I've already tried a few non surgical treatments that were unproven and more cutting edge. Unfortunately, they didn't work out for me.

Yes, I am waiting and watching to see what how much improvement I can get with the arm I had surgery on because, as you said, it pretty much will dictate what would likely happen with the other arm. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


 Hope your recovery is going well.  Best wishes for speedy 100+ days of recovery so new collagen will grow. Good luck to you.


Been away from RHDN and Co. for quite a while and was hoping to read good news about Your recovery when I come back...
But as always despite all this Your unwavering dedication to the romhacking-scene is really inspirational. I honestly hope to read positive news concerning Your health in the near future.
Best wishes!


I am happy to announce that I'm doing a bit better now and things look a little less grim. :) I'm still having issues with both arms, but less than several weeks back. I seem to be slowly gaining back some strength and stamina to many daily activities including computer usage. I've been trying to introduce more activity such as laundry, sweeping, raking, lawn mowing etc. It's still hurts after each, but I seem to last longer before significant pain and bounce back quicker now. Perhaps I am turning some sort of corner. I definitely have not worsened in any way. I've been trying to get into very light (5lbs.) weight lifting again.  

This is one of those things where you need to ride a fine line between the tear down and rebuilding process. I need to keep stressing the tendons while new fibers are laid, but not exceed the healing rate/capacity or end up regressing. And hopefully my body will not fail to heal properly again. It seems like I may have finally built a baseline back up where doing simple things (eating, washing etc.) isn't stressful every day and I can make some real progress. Guess I will see over the next few weeks. :) - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Gideon Zhi

That is good news. My fingers are crossed for your continued recovery!


I hope your physical health continues to improve. I look forward to playing through your next game when it is completed.


Nightcrawler, I noticed you have been typing a lot more so hopefully we can all take that as a good sign that things have continued to improve.  Does it look like you'll have to get surgery on the other arm or is it healing more now?
Winston Churchill in response to allying with the Soviet Union: If Hitler invaded Hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons


Unfortunately, I haven't seen much change since my last update on either arm. Fortunately, that also means I'm not doing any worse. :)

I actually have a doctor's appointment in two weeks with a new doctor who specializes in tendon repair and has done some pioneering work in the field. He's the best doctor I could find in my research within driving distance. Glowing education, fellowship, and training specific to elbow disorders and injuries. I'm going to get another opinion and see if there are any other procedures or surgeries available to me that could help.

If this guy can't help me further, I'm not sure anyone can. We'll see what he has to say. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I wish you well of course, I hope that you make a recovery of some sorts, just so the outlook is not so bleak, and the little bit you got better is hopefully a good sign. I am also worried about tendons in your legs, back and neck, and I pray this is not a serious dengenatrative condition.
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So, I saw this new doctor this week. I was impressed. He seemed to have his act together as I might expect from his glowing education, specialty in this area, and his work with professional sports teams. We went over my entire history so far. He recognizes that my cases has no easy explanation. He wants to take a few steps back and start looking in other directions. Going to get some blood work done , and some new MRIs. He threw out several theories depending on the results of where we might go from here.

So, it'll be ongoing, but hopefully some light will shine on some new answers from additional digging. It will certainly be good to rule out any systematic problems and know if I have a healing disorder or something.

In the meantime, my condition remains the same. No better, no worse. I'm at least grateful for that as I have been able to do more since May than I have in a long while. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.