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Introductions are in order.

Started by Ryusaizo, January 25, 2008, 11:24:14 PM

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Since I did not see a board for this, I thought I would give a bit of an intro.

Hello everyone,I am the fresh meat here, quite new as it is put. My name as it is above, you can call me Ryu. I am 20 this year,and I have a fond interest in games, or an obsession. I have a horrible reputation for beating games 100% of the way in just two days up until a week. Said games usually take people months to complete.  Ah, yes, I also have the addiction to ramen,and other foodstuffs. I have no real life outside of games,and planning to be a tester and all. I spend half my time bug/gremlin hunting in games for random open beta games,and the other half at work or asleep. Well that was windy,in short. Nice to meet you all.


Welcome to the board. :) I hope you stick around. It seems we have plenty of people who come for a week or two and never return. Things have been kind of dead here as a result. I'd certainly like to see some board revival and start developing a small community here. I used to have a nice little community here. Then, it seemed after I created, it really took a dive and never really recovered.  Some people make the effort for new topics and are disappointed when hardly anyone responds. :( - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Hi! Another fresh meat. I'm Russian, I'm about 40 years (in both cases I'm not kidding at all!). 'Russian' means not simply my nationality, but citizenship and residence too.
And I'm disabled amateur philologist... and old-school hardcore gamer... and console/emulation fan (in fact, a game maniac!  ;D).

I wish I were such a good translator as Nightcrawler!

And I am not, alas...  :'( My English is very bad, it rather resembles 'pigeon English', ain't it?..  ;D Because my English is passive, ... i.e. I can decently understand that great language, but when it comes to formulate English sentences by myself, at my own risk... ooooppss... the results usually are quite pathetic.

But I must confirm that most times, I do rather well translating from English (or French, or Bulgarian) into Russian.  :-[ So, I'm not a stranger to the art of translation (I mean fiction texts).

My dream is to become Russian writer, and (in addition) translator of foreign fiction books  and/or  computer/video  games.
Rai tsai tsai aribi dabi dila
Barits dan dila lan-den lan-do...


Greetings and salutations. I have been around for quite some time, but I have not always been around.  I was prone to year long leaves, but things are more steady.

Good to meet new persons.
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