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What's on your mind?

Started by Nightcrawler, March 09, 2009, 10:32:46 AM

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Let's drum up a little bit of discussion shall we? Easy question:

What's on your mind, right now?

Mind mind is filled with things I need to do for my wedding that's coming up in several more weeks. My weekends have been filled with related tasks. Some of then have been fun like cake testing, but others are more stressful than they're worth! A wedding is too much for everybody else and not enough for yourself. At least you get some cash and gifts in return! And MAYBE a fun day out of it! ha!

My mind is also on my forearm pain. I injured my arm pretty badly last September after tearing muscle, getting tendinitis, and pinching a nerve in my elbow. I did this on a power sprayer of all things. It seems unreal. It didn't even hurt until several days later. Then I could barely move my hand. I've been going to therapy for quite some time. I've improved, but still far from healed.

As a result, my gaming days have been near non existent. I was typing with one hand until just a few weeks back. I can type with two hands now for a few minutes on an ergonomic keyboard (I use an MS natural 4000 now), but things are very quick to flare up. Doctors aren't sure yet how much better it will get, but everyone is still hopeful continued therapy will improve things more than they are now.

So, between the two, things have been very busy for me and my mind is usually floating around on one of the two. If my mind gets board there, it can always think about work! ;) After all this is over and I hopefully recover, I'll get back to trying to find a new job again.

Hacking has been few and far between this year so far as a result. But I have managed to at least show some productivity this year. I hope to finish Tenshi no Uta this year. It depends on how many breaks I take to work on other non ROM hacking related things. I still want to get back into keyboard/piano playing again and improve some skills assuming my forearm allows me to.. I also want to get back into game development. I had a lot going on there 2 or 3 years ago. I also want to get into writing a novel. I've been storing notes for quite some time now. Unfortunately most of this all hangs on my arm getting better. Everything's been held off for months and months.

Ok, your turn to talk! :P Let's hear it. What's on your mind? - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Tbh the last 7 months all has been on my mind is loss.

There has been 4 family deaths and 2 more family have had to go into hospital, 1 with a relapse of cancer and the other with a serious infection.

3 things have kept me sain, my partner , my kids and gaming.

Anyway forget my doom and gloom, gz NC on ure wedding hope all goes well :)


I'm sorry to hear that. I had a similar year with my family last year. Times like that certainly make one question existence of God and reassess life. Life seems to unbalanced with more doom and gloom than happy sunshine!

I wish your surviving family members luck and hopeful recovery with their illnesses. There's always some hope and a chance even when it's against the odds. Beyond that, time will eventually distance you and number the effects. :(

I'm about a month away now. My weekends are booked both days from here on out. Even my weekdays are filled up with non wedding stuff. I'm hopeful life will slow down afterwards. Between buying my house last year, moving, getting injured, and then the wedding, I've been ridiculously busy for the past year. I'm hoping I'll finally hit a point here where things will slow down because I've accomplished all the major time consuming and pressing goals in the foreseeable future. I'm ready for things to return to 'normal'. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


thx for your kind words NC.

We all know how hard you work and life comes first :)

So take your time and enjoy it, we will all await your return and your next great work.


What's mostly on my mind lately is probably how soon I can start playing volleyball again. Sprained my ankle 10 weeks ago. And although I can walk, run and jump, I still can't play volleyball well for now (Partially being afraid of hurting the ankle again, but also a bit due to it not being recovered fully yet). Playing games kills time, but I want some real movement from time to time to.
Though I got good confidence that I'll be fully recovered before the next season starts (4 months time to heal should be enough).

NC, good luck with recovering from your arm injury. And congratulations on getting married.
Started playing an Rpg. I just never stopped...


Hmm, what's on my mind....My 21st birthday is tomorrow, whoo!

Also Herakles 4 lol. I love that series, and 4 looks amazing.

Well, hope everyone is doing great! NC good luck with your wedding, and getting better!


Happy Birthday! My birthday happens to be next week myself. :) - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.



How is your recovery from surgery going?  Do you think your arm will return to what it was like before the injury?  It must be one of the most frustrating types of injuries to have so many things limited because of it.
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Thanks for asking. It's going very slow. It's been a problem for the better part of a year for me affecting all aspects of my life. It took a turn for the worse about two months ago which prompted the recent surgery. I've got about 4-6 more weeks before we'll be able to tell if this did it, and if this didn't do it, I will be up for more significant surgery.

It's still going to be quite some time before I can return to normal activity and hopefully have full use of my arm and hand. This all stems from a  tendon injury in my elbow. It makes it so I can't use my forearm, open/close my hand well, move my arm. It effects everything.

It's unlikely I'll hit 100%, but there's hope for 90+%. More so if this surgery worked. Otherwise the tendon will be snipped and I will loose some degree of mobility/range of motion as a result. Nobody really knows for sure until they do it. I've seen plenty of doctors on the subject over the past year. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I had a friend that got into a terrible accident and her knee was shattered and they were thinking she would probably only be able to bend it about 20% of the way.  Shes had several surgeries since then and while shell never be 100%, she can now bend the knee close to what it was like before and people would not suspect she had any kind of injury unless she had to run.  So really there is nothing stopping her from enjoying everything she did before and hopefully that will be true for you too.
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I have a friend who had a 2x4 that went through his hand. He went through a lot of surgeries and physical therapy and his hand's still not 100%. I have another friend whose arm got caught in a press machine (both worked for lumber companies) and he's about 95%.