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Started by Nightcrawler, December 12, 2007, 08:10:28 AM

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This makes me kind of sad. Personally, I don't think we should recognize 'words' like that. Rather than 'elite', it just makes you look stupid instead.  ;) - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.

Gideon Zhi

Truthiness was last year's. I'm not sure that's much better, though credit to Colbert for it.


Truthiness was last year's. I'm not sure that's much better, though credit to Colbert for it.

You can be sure that truthiness is a much better word.  I have a gut feeling about truthiness that just lets me know it is better.  That and the fact that it is at least all letters, instead of half numbers as well.


yeah, as much as I find Colbert meh, I find w00t repulsive ,for being made of numbers, and for not starting with a capital so it looks KaZaA-like

if anything it should be woot, or WOOT, or W00T, but not w00t. It's just repulsive.

it may be an interesting phenomenon, but if we can't come up with a single word for the entire YEAR, then we suck. Plus, it's been around since before 07 right?


I think the entire concept of 'word of the year' is stupid in itself. How does one determine a word of the year anyway? - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


One shouldn't expect it to hold much ground. You can't ask the whole world and only those that enter the inquiry can make a difference. Now picture the average 20-30 year old that's fat, sweaty, studied some very difficult computer programming something-or-other, surfs away all day each day on the net, and imagine how many different email account they have, on average. Knowing five such people, I estimate on average 10 - 15 accounts. They decide to have a bit of a laugh, call all their friends online, and they use all their email accounts to have "boobies" made the word of 2008.

Don't say it'll never happen.

It will, eventually, and even then it will be pretty insignificant.

So it gets to be the word of the year that's ... passed. Okay. I don't care.

There's something funny about knowing who last year's winner is. It's called "nerd sniping".

Hi. I'm Meliz, and I'm new here. Looking forward to the Emerald Dragon translation. And since I noticed Gideon Zhi's name here too, I'll say I'm also waiting for the Super Robot Wars Gaiden translation.

Furthermore, a happy newyear to everybody, sorry I'm late but my pc died Dec 30, 2007 and was only fixed five hours ago. I had a lot of catching up to do, but now I'm here, glad to be here.

I hope the word of 2008 may become "Emulation", for it beholds the greatest achievement of modern man: tricking stuff to think it's other stuff. It's like beer with people but less vomit and better dancing.


I would have said no way before, but with this last year's word I guess they don't have a lot of criterion.