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Anybody else suprised how dominant Nintendo is?

Started by ultpaladin, September 07, 2007, 01:57:28 AM

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After choosing a cartridge system for the Nintendo 64, I never thought Nintendo would see this type of market dominance again, I wonder how long it will last with the Wii, they really should have made it a bit more powerful.  But I guess they can get away with it considering the Nintendo's success with the DS.  

Its really hard choosing between the Wii and PS3.  The Wii has Fire Emblem, Smash Brothers and Tales of Symphonia but the PS3 has FF13 and will likely get Star Ocean 4 looking at the pics of the game.  Why cant they just announce the system?
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It also shows the Wii is NOT the dominant brand in America. Xbox360 is. perhaps it's only a matter of time since we know xbox360 got the early head start, but facts remain, it's still behind. I find that interesting. We'll see what happens with that.

I am surprised actually at the enormous success of both the DS and the Wii. I've always categorized both systems as 'gimmicky'. While there are some cool DS games that really do use it's features in an innovative fashion, many use the second screen or stylus capabilities in an unnecessary fashion tacking on some game play that seems to be nothing but a quick gimmick. As much as I don't like it, I can't ignore the DS because it's getting some major games such as Dragon Quest IX. When a portable starts getting staple console franchise exclusive titles, you can't ignore it anymore.

As far as the Wii. Again, I don't want to play my games like that. My whole problem is the Wiimote is the primary controller. Yeah, there's some legit innovative uses for it, but the primary way to control all games? No thank you. Not interested. It's just a peripheal that should have been made for the game cube since the hardware remained the same (aside from slightly higher clocked CPU and GPU). - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I agree on what you said about the Wiimote and I really would not want to play many games that way, I would use that when playing games with friends in a party setting.  From what I understand, at least Fire Emblem uses a traditional controller.  Of course this would be much easier just choosing the PS3 if it wasnt so expensive and from what it looks like, no serious RPGs for a while.  And frankly, I dont care that much about FF13 in comparison to Star Ocean 4 which is now official for the PS3 exclusively.

I think from the projections, the Wii will pass the Xbox 360 by Xmas, its outselling it by over 200K each month here.  The reason why its ahead overall is because Japan hates the Xbox, which is a bit unfair with Microsoft really trying to appeal to the RPG player.
Winston Churchill in response to allying with the Soviet Union: If Hitler invaded Hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons


Id have to agree on the Wiimote, a m8 has got a Wii and after playing WIIsports for 20 mins my arms and back where killing me :P. You can get a normal type controler for the Wii but for me that takes away hte main plus points from it, although it also removes the ache factor as well.

I used to own an Xbox360, i had a few games but i mainly played Saints Row. The system itself was fun to play and had some nice features but for me most of the games seemed like rehashes of games from the xbox.

I now own a Ps3, with Sony issuing regular updates so that more backwards compatibility and features are added to its already long list of features. Also this is the only next gen system that has a BlueRay player built-in.(BR player on own is around £600 last time i checked)

Although the price of the Ps3 in uk is £425 with 2 controlers and 2 or 3 games from a small selection and there arnt many games out yet(lots coming in this years last quarter) id would and have chosen this other the other 2.


it doesn't really suprise me, and to be honest this isn't really all that new. They are trying to pull an NES again, we'll see if it happens.

what I would be REALLY interested in is if they tried to pull an SNES next gen.