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DQ5R for PS2 question

Started by ultpaladin, August 09, 2007, 06:18:55 PM

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I bought the Japanese version of DQ5 for PS2, I was wondering if it would be possible when and if the translation patch comes out, to actually be able to play it in English on the PS2.  If it is possible, what kind of things would I need to do to accomplish this, I saw some tool that allows one to play Japanese games to start with on an American PS2.  Would I need to create a new disk with the patch on it?  Would the PS2 have problems accepting it?  
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Gideon Zhi

You want this:

Though do note that it doesn't work on slimline PS2s.


It's mostly the same as any other console. You will download a patch, or modified files, or something (however the author distributes) to make a translated DVDE image. You will need to burn a new DVD with the translated ISO and boot it.

You can't boot burned DVDs on the PS2 without a.) swap disc trick b.) exploit Gideon pointed out c.) Mod chip.

You will have to do one of those things to your PS2. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.