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Dual Orb III

Started by megatron07, June 24, 2006, 07:34:11 PM

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Since I liked Dual orb II and I, do you wish that they made a Dual Orb III?


I don't know. And won't know until someone makes it... Every followup is a new game on itself. Even if some basics are left the same, you know the game will be different. Noone can tell if those differences will be good or bad for the gameplay until we can see it.

If they would make a game with a new story, but with similar gameplay as in Dual Orb II, I think it would be nice. Though it is very unlikely that they will make an next game in this series. And even more unlikely that they won't change the gameplay if they will make an followup.
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They COULD make one, but it is highly unlikely that they will continue the Dual Orb Series.

Why, you ask? The company that originally made Dual Orb, (I'MAX), went out of buisness, due to poor sales of their games(Mostly majongg-"Who plays this shit?")

The Dual Orb Series was the only RPG series that I'MAX has ever made. Hopefully, if some company picks up the Dual Orb series, I think the games should continue on the Game Boy Advance, instead of putting the series on a lousy 3D game system (Gamecube, PSII, X-Box 360, Nintendo DS, PSP)