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Dual Orb Soundtrack

Started by megatron07, June 15, 2006, 08:53:40 PM

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This is the story of the 1st Dual Orb.
Read it to see what you think!

In an alternate reality, in a parallel world, there are humans just like in the universe we dwell in. Those humans used to co-exist peacefully with animals, fairies, and dragons - other inhabitants of the world. The dragons were the wisest, most ancient, and most powerful race of all. But humans feared their wisdom and their strength, and lost contact to them, destroying the balance in the world. Now, only a few dragons remained, and their whereabouts are shrouded in mystery...

You control Ralph, a young fighter apprentice who lives with his old master in a small house near a village. It is the day of your graduation, and the master sends you to meet a very important person. When you arrive at this person's hut, you are spoken to by the spirit of a mighty dragon, the creator of the universe! You, the young adventurer, is chosen to stop an evil spirit who tries to destroy the universe, and as a token you receive a magic Orb, which contains the soul of the great dragon. And there your adventure begins...

Sorry if I am bothering and harping you on this AWESOME game!


Well if you put it that way, I won't play it out of spite  :D
Megaman makes everything better.  baking, soccer, racing, radio shows and of course the average pool party.


 hahahaha! I guess I changed your mind, huh? Listen, i just got the new NINTENDO POWER and guess what? It's the Super Nintendo's 15th annivarsary! From 1991 t0 2006, celebrating the greatist system of all time! (in my opinion)