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Recent Vacation with Family

Started by TechMaster, May 29, 2006, 03:54:52 PM

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I just got back from a vacation tour going from Toronto to Quebec and back.  It lasted for three days and went from Toronto to Ottawa, Ottawa to Montreal, Montreal to Quebec and back, Montreal to Kingston, and finally back to Toronto.  My family got off at Kingston since I live there anyways (it would really hurt to take a three hour bus rind to Toronto and then another three hours coming back).  Before that we visitted the Niagra Falls, including taking a boat ride getting quite close to the fall and, indeed, quite wet.  We also visitted the Thousand Islands on an one hour boat ride, and obviously crossed the borders and back between US and Canada.  I'll get the pictures up later when I got the time.


Cool. Sounds like a fun trip. Look forward to seeing the pictures.

How was Toronto? - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Lucky, I never go anywhere.

But did you see niagra falls at night? it's pretty cool.
Megaman makes everything better.  baking, soccer, racing, radio shows and of course the average pool party.


To Nightcrawler:

Toronto was good overall.  Lots of shops, tons of stuff, quite a few museums around, and etc.  The crappy part is the cab drivers suck.  We got ripped off because we were in a hurry and the cab driver asked for $20 dollars to carry all the luggages (in Kingston where I live this will not happen) for a short distance in car (but we won't make it if we walked since there's like 6 luggages).

The pictures will have to wait until my sisters upload 'em onto my computer.  They did on their's, but not mine yet.

To Tintenfisch:

We sure did.  The lights were quite flashy.  The bad part is that we should have NEVER ate ontop that Skylon Tower.  Ok, the scenary was first rated, the price was first rated, but the food was third rated.  I think some of the buffets we ate at the three day tour (we went to Niagra first before the three day tour around Ontario and Quebec) tasted better for a much lower price.


I forgot to ask, did you get to go on the maid of the mist? I know most likely not with your time frame, but it's definatly cooler than lit up waterfalls.
Megaman makes everything better.  baking, soccer, racing, radio shows and of course the average pool party.


I sure did.  Didn't take any pictures though.  My sisters don't want to get the camera wet.


Double post, but it should be ok right?

Picture time!  8)

Main street right beside Niagra Falls.  Lots of shops and lots of activities to do.

Maid of the Mist Market Place!  Get on the ship and go taunt the falls.

Sorry if this hurts the eyes, but that's the show put on every night in summer right on the Canadian part of Niagra Falls.

I'm guessing this is the new Canadian 25 cent coin.  Too bad no pictures could be taken inside the building or I would have shown you guys some coin making methods.

Canadian Parliament Building.  My dad says if this building was in Taiwan all of the bronze would have been gone in one day (yes, the theft is that bad, even the court house gate got stolen).

The painting included many major contributors to Quebec.  Yes, many dead men are painted there.

St. Joseph Church, said to be the tallest (or was it highest) church in North America.  Btw, the full size wax figure of Brother Andre (founder of the church) was........ .extremely...... short.......  :o

As we see here is the shortest national bridge in the globe.  Yes, it looked like only three meters long, connecting the boundary of Canada and the US.

For those who wants more pictures (sorry, but my space isn't enough to host all of the pictures at once), pm me your email and I'll send you the pictures.  8)


Nice pics. What are your other pictures of? - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Some more pictures regarding the stuff I already posted above, then a few other places not mentioned, such as a photo from Toronto (not downtown though), some photos from the museum in Montreal, pictures of the dome that used to host the olympics but now turned into sort of a wild anime exhibition, etc.