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Weird Pet Behaviors

Started by TechMaster, December 30, 2005, 10:43:32 PM

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One of the cats I own often sit like a human on the ground (butt on the ground with two legs pointing out and back leaning forward).  The other barks like a dog.

So, for others who own pets, do they have any weird behaviors?


All my pets are dead...  :'(

And now I can't have any more in the place I live now. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


My dog will make a loud fart and then act confused.

If you piss off my dog, it gets angry, then sneezes and is calm again and goes on as if nothing has happened.

If you get my dog all excited and throw a paper bag at it.  the dogg will attack it while running around non-stop and after it's been torn will act as if nothing has happened.

every morning my dog wakes me up by putting a sock in it's mouth and ramming it's cold nose into my face until I wake while making weird whining noises.

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Talking about dead pets....

Used to own a bunch of goldfish, most of them died, one very large survived for like 6+ years until it was pawned by the heat on the 6th floor (highest floor) of my current home.

Used to own a couple of birds, only one survived (by killing the other birds) right before I moved to Canada.  It survived until I started coming back to Taiwan, which means it lived for 6+ years as well.  It was, again, baked (it is very hot in Taiwan in the summer) to death on the 6th floor of my current home.

Owned two cats in Canada.  The first lost his way and never came back.  My mom met it once on the streets, but he seemed to have forgottened her and just ran away.  The other was given to someone else, and it ended up running away as well.

The current two cats are bought in Taiwan.  Two Russian Blues.  They both around a year old I guess.


You think your pets are weird...check this out:

Heheheh.  This is a really strange picture of my rat, Ranze.  She doesn't really have one red eye, it's just the way the picture came out.  But she looks so weird in it that I couldn't help but share.

My two rats (the other one is named Pimiko) are very strange animals.  Pimiko loves to go up people's pant legs (or even boxer shorts) and Ranze has a taste for car keys and leather watch bands.  I've been told this is typical rat behavior...
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My friend Pat has some good pet stories.  Like the one of the bird.

He was at the tender age of 7.  He said goodnight to his bird and the next morning it was facedown in it's water dish.  To this day we say it drowned itself.

the next is the story of the turtles that ran away.  He put his turtles outside, and in 10 minutes they were gone.  They were found later in a compost heap.

the there was his gerbil that lost all it's hair got a bunch of bumps, got black skin had a seizure and died all in the span of a week (at least that's what he said anyway)
Megaman makes everything better.  baking, soccer, racing, radio shows and of course the average pool party.


Not really my pet, but it's an odd behavior.

My phone in Taiwan farts.  Yes, it makes farting noises after it was used for a while.


just had to post this one

i have 2 dogs, and if ever im in the house, and dont answer the phone and let it ring instead, they both start hurling wolf-style for at least a solid 2-3mins nonstop.

ive changed my answering machine and phone, and they still do it, and hell if i can figure out why