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So how is everyone...

Started by TechMaster, December 24, 2005, 07:30:37 PM

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QuoteHeartburn: I think it's safe to say most people hate heartburn.  There's stuff out there like Peptobismal and Zanatac and such.  Rather than taking this pill to help with that.  Why not find out if it's something you're eating that's causing the heartburn.  Changing your diet may help.

As someone with frequent stomach problems, I wholeheartedly agree.  Peptobismol is hard on the kidneys and can be harmful if taken frequently in large doses.  It and other antacids can also negate the effect of birth control pills which (for the ladies at least) is very, very bad.  I try to use more natural methods of dealing with my stomach problems, like eating more fiber/less red meat, and eating oatmeal in place of an antacid.

I myself don't take medicine unless I absolutely have to.  I think that mood-altering drugs like Zoloft and other antidepressants should only be used if the person has a serious mental problem.  As in, he/she is so depressed that he/she cannot care for him/herself or others, attempts suicide, and soforth.  It's appalling how many Americans are overmedicated because they just take drugs at the drop of a hat.
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Tip for heartburn.  If you sleep on your leftside you have a less likely chance of getting heartburn than you do on your right side.  Because when you sleep on your left side your esophagus is higher than your stomach so acid will most likely stay put in your stomach.

The worst though now-a-days is that ADD crock.  I was diagnosed with ADD and that was garbage based on garbage results.  The test was I had to stare at a screen for an hour (yes an hour) and click a button when I saw a black square flash on the bottom and not click the button when it appeared at the top.  Then I had to go through another hour test with sound where I clicked the button when it made a loud noise and not click when it made a soft noise.

Of course I got very bored and didn't pay attention.  However my parents seemed to bypass the fact that I could watch three straight movies in a row at any given time.  Ugh.
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Thanks for the suggestions, but I have found my own way of dealing with this.

I'm currently wearing a flu mask as long as I am on my floor where the cats are, even when I'm sleeping.  I'm already getting a lot better now with more insulation to kitty fur.

Btw, cheap antibiotics aren't really a good thing when animal breaders get their hands on them.  Why?  Well, they add them to their animal feeds and resistance to antibiotics starts to build up.  Oh yeah, not to mention how horrible Taiwan's health care system is.  Some doctors are getting paid less than cleaning ladies (this is true, btw) for having too many patients.  Also, they make rules which restricts doctors from doing certain treatment procedures because if the doctors do them the health care system will not pay for it (doctors will have to absorb the cost themselves).  Oh yes, sometimes even if the doctors follow the rules the health care system will not pay the doctor just because the health care system think one thing in the doctor's report violates the rules (and in truth, it did not violate any rules).  Don't even mention how the current government has just been found for wasting money.  It seemed over 100 billion $NT have been given to the cooporations by the current government using different ways.  What the **** thing is that?

Did I mention the president is a lawyer?  I guess not.  Well, he sucks, big time.