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windows xp

Started by mades, November 29, 2005, 06:27:09 PM

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wow! i never saw that coming! thanx, i'm downloading it right now... but, it'll take a long while. my connection downloads it at about 50 kb. it's slow, but i'm very happy that it'll be done. as for now, i'll do some other stuff for a few hours.

thanx again. i appreciate it much. by the way, where did you get the info about this?

after i do everything, i'll edit this post, saying it if went down smoothly.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Dammit!!!! it verifies the key! and thus does NOT allow me to continue the installation...
 :'(  :'(  :'( :'(  :'(  :'( :'(  :'(  :'( :'(  :'(  :'( :'(  :'(  :'(

oh man, this is soooooooo hopeless. if anyone hears of anything whatsoever, post it here, please. i haven't found anything just yet, but i hope i will... or get help for it. anyway, as for now, any help is welcomed.


You'll need to change your key to a valid one for the service pack install. You seem to be a little out of your league.  Maybe you should spend the money and get a real copy. ;) - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


ahahahahah!!! thank you NIGHTCRAWLER! seriously :)

i thought of a nice little site with keys. thanx!!!!

now, i'll have to figure how to change my key now.

and now, i found a forum (randomly really) and a member directed some other member to use this to change the key.;en-us;328874

seems unstable though....

what should i do? (not truly a question)


you dare me to buy the real deal??? but, heck, i don't even know how to uninstall windows (yes, i'd rather uninstall this one first and then install the real thing instead of just changing the key)
anyway, i'm sorta poor at the moment to buy a new xp version.

thanx for your input NIGHTCRAWLER. thumbs up.
eh, i was thinking, instead of what you're proposing, i wonder if there's a way to hack the sp2?? could there be one? off i am to see to it... assuming there is one.

p.s.: yes, i edited this post many times! wow! a lot can happen in 5 minutes!

i'll put a link here, but if it bothers you, i'll take it off. as for it, it's for my own reference in case something happens to my pc.


I dont recomend SP2. I had it for a while, and my system had a tendency of crashing, lots of older programs didnt want to start, or were unstable, and the "security" things were driveing me nuts. So in my book, SP2 is a bad thing. (i'm useing SP1 at the moment)


QuoteI dont recomend SP2. I had it for a while, and my system had a tendency of crashing, lots of older programs didnt want to start, or were unstable, and the "security" things were driveing me nuts. So in my book, SP2 is a bad thing. (i'm useing SP1 at the moment)

thanx for the tip. i won't :)

well, for now, i gotta find a way to activate the add-ons withOUT using sp2.



QuoteI dont recomend SP2. I had it for a while, and my system had a tendency of crashing, lots of older programs didnt want to start, or were unstable, and the "security" things were driveing me nuts. So in my book, SP2 is a bad thing. (i'm useing SP1 at the moment)

That's got to a big joke! :P SP2 fixed an enormous amount of security holes and is really a critical update.  I think you'll find your opinion is of the minority.  I've run SP2 since it was released and never had a problem with it. It sounds to me like you may not be properly maintaining your computer.

Aside from my own personal opinion and the fact that I worked as an IT professional for several years, the several IT professionals that I know still in the business still agree.

I would say if you start to name the specific crashes you're having and which older programs don't work, I think we'll find it is not because of SP2. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


two interesting views going on here.
though, i must say i agree with both of you.
"safe or not safe, that is the question" oh, and "screwed or not screwed, that is the question".



That's for you to decide, but without it, you won't be getting any of the security updates released for the past year or any future updates. For somebody who initially started this discussion because their computer had all sort of malicious software on it, that doesn't sound like a smart thing to do does it?

Go ahead and search the net for SP2 reviews.  Read what people have to say about it and make your own decision. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


actually, my antivirus keeps finding them by itself--- i mean the spyware and all. anyway, all of these came with games. well, at first i thought what was happening with the grey windows thingy was because of them, but it wasn't that. i forgot who said what, but someone figured it out---- it was an automatic response by windows as to force you to update the version. well, force is a big word--- more like annoy you with it.



Well, its mainly older games that dont work for me, and even newer games like temple of elemental evil gets bugged (i have a friend who works on the atari/best buy/some other companies tech suport here in sweden,(the companies cant afford to have their own tech suport here.. such a small and pointless country)  and from him i have heard about a lot of problems caused by SP2, mainly with atari/infogrames related games.

Games that i had problems with post SP2 install:
Temple of elemental evil
Emperor of the fading suns
Master of orion 3 (but this game is extreemly buggy anyway, so it might have been something else  :-/)
Older quake 1 engine based games

And that warning "things downloaded from the internet might be harmfull, are you sure that you want to open it" Yes, i want to open it, and i dont want to hear that every time i have downloaded a file from the internet.

Another iffy problem that i found was that my network didnt like SP2. Or rather the connection between this computer (XP) and the Win98 computers. With SP2 installed, my computer suddenly refused to find the Win98 computers that were linked to it.

And your right, i aint properly maintaining my computer.. its generaly far easyer to reinstall it every 6-8 months than being careful with what i do. Saves a lot of time ;) That does not mean that i dont know how to maintain it, but i'm lazy, so the easy option is the best one in this case.


Hmm... it looks like Mades removed himself from the board? After all the help I tried to give him.  ::)


I'm not familiar with any of those games really.  If any are DOS based, DOSBox is one of the best solutions for XP.  If they are windows based, often times there are forums related to getting older games to work well with XP or patches.  

From my experiences, any games that don't work too well with SP2 don't work well with ANY version of XP. I guess that's the point I was getting at.  I'm not aware of any SP2 specific issues causing problems with additional games.

However, I'm not familiar with the games in question, so maybe they do have SP2 issues. Did you personally run them on both SP1 and SP2 and see differences?

That is an annoying warning.  You can turn it off somewhere, but I can't remember where at present time. If it's one saving grace XP has is that there is an options for almost all of it's annoying features.

SP2 turns the firewall on by default.  That may be interfering with your network operations. And any network setting that may have been changed by the SP2 install would be enough to lose the connection.  I'd imagine if you reconfigure it, it will work normally again.

Well, you're free to do whatever you want with your computer. Personally, I am always careful with what I do and can usually go a few years(2-3) before the system has reached the point where it needs to start fresh again. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


None of those are dosbased games, and they worked fine and dandy in SP1.

I did turn off the firewall as soon as SP2 had been installed, and replaced it with another one, so i know that that is not the problem.

The mean reason why i have to reinstall my computer so often is because i have to try things. "what hapends if i change this and this setting" *windows refuses to boot* "Oh well". But that is how i lern how things work anyway. I have had noone who have shown me how things works, so almost everything i know comes from experiance. Heck, i even managed to lern debian that way, a while ago *chuckles*