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BEST RPG Snes,GC,PS2,Xbox....

Started by Goldenboy, November 01, 2005, 09:18:15 AM

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Snes: Tales of Phantasia
GC: FF-Cristal
PS2: Star Ocean 3 DC
Xbox: NONE.. >:(
PC: Disc World,Simon The Sorcerer, Monkey Island,Albion, WOW.

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Snes: Final Fantasy 6
GC: Tales of Symphonia (Sorry but FF-Crystal: ROFL)
PS2: Shin Megami Tensei Lucifer's Call
PC: Baldur's Gate 2 (Sorry again but the games you listed are adventures nowhere near RPGs)

SMD: Phantasy Star 4
PSX: Final Fantasy 7
Saturn: Panzer Dragoon Saga
DC: Skies of Arcadia


Snes: - To many great ones, not even gonna rack my brain.
GC: tales of symphonia
PS2: Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne (have yet to play DDS) Front mission 4 and ring of red (quasi rpg beautiful story and visuals)
PC: KOTOR1/2 Fallout 1/2
SMD: Phantasy Star 4 (first rpg I really beat)
PSX: Persona 2, Front mission 3
Saturn: Panzer Dragoon Saga
DC: Skies of Arcadia
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sooo maybe Simon the sorcer is no RPG..DAHH I still think it's a great game.. :'(

BG is cool, well did not like never winter nights though
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NES: Destiny of an Emperor 2
SNES: Um...... EVO!
N64: Quest 64, only due to the lack of competition (that I've played)
PS1: Valkyrie Profile
PS2: Wild ARMs 3
PC: *pause*
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Nes: Final Fantasy 2
Snes: Terranigma
PS1: Final Fantasy 7
Xbox: Jade Empire
PS2: Kingdom Hearts

I haven't played many games for the PS1, so don't bug me :p


Rather than best, more like favorite. (no comment means I have not played enough to give opinions)

Snes: Tales of Phantasia and Terranigma tied I guess
GC: No Comment
PS2: No Comment
PC: Heroine Anthem Series
SMD: Phantasy Star 4
PSX: Valkyrie Profile
Saturn: No Comment
DC: No Comment


SNES: Verry even here, so its not easy to chose. FF6 for story thought. If you count SCRPGs, id like to ad FE4 for its gameplay (althought its story isnt that great).
GC: I have not played may GC CRPGs.. the best one that i have played is tales of symphonia
PS2/Xbox: N/A
PC: Daggerfall
NES: *ponders* not sure.
Real RPG (eg pen and paper): Vampire or Eon


Snes: Lufia, Terranigma  
PC: Diablo II and FF VII
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SNES: Terranigma
PSX: FF Tactics
DC: Grandia II
PC: Might and Magic 7


Snes:  Tales of Phantasia
PS1:  Arc the Lad Collection...(mainly for Arc the Lad II)
PS2:  There are so many, but Disgaea is my favorite
GC:  Tales of Symphonia
Xbox: Only FPSs for me...