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To all of you who like physics

Started by The_Big_Joke, November 20, 2005, 02:29:01 PM

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Schrödinger's cat and Wigner's friend
Cause us problems without end

The cat is both alive and dead
In the math that's in our head

And the regression of Von Neumann
Never ceases to annoy man

The uncertainty just has no end
Until Wigner goes to tell his friend

For, until the friend recives the news
That the cat still purrs and mews

The cat remains (substended Fate!)
In some formal Eigenstate

But if Wigner makes a beeline
To report the now-dead feline

All the friend can really know
Is just one branch of time's swift flow

For in Carter's multispace
Every time-branch has its place

So the cat remains alive
In half the cases (that's .5)

Lead us not to Copenhagen,
Nor to Shylock, nor to Fagen

"The result's not parsimonious!"
Yet i find it quite harmonious

From the book "The homing pidgeons", part 3 in Schrödingers cat trilogy, by Robert Anton Wilson. If you dont understand it, i recomend wikipedia.