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Photos of my apartment

Started by D--, October 26, 2005, 07:49:02 AM

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Hey, why not.

... And now I return to shaking my limeade and grading homework.

Bonus points if you can ID all the shit in my fridge/cupboard/drawer.



I can not enter your room. I am not elite enough. :(


Haha. Oh yeah. Uh, copy and paste the URL :P


Nice place. But, I assume you are not earning too much or saving a lot, or you will have it full of wuxia books and snes copiers  ;D


I make $400 US per month. Though it's generally enough. I still have more important things to buy, for example, a water filter. The stuff that comes out of the faucet is so full of sediment and god knos what else that you need to boil it, and then it still smells funny. I'm going to get a nice $30 filter--the kind that takes out everything. It will require a continual investment of $10 every 3 months to replace the filters. After that, I want a DVD player (another $10 - $20).

As for books, I'm not buying more until I finish what I have. Most of the books I buy are fables and fairy tales. I'm working on research in preparation for trying to get accepted into a masters program next year. That kind of takes priority over entertainment.

I really never play many SNES games anymore. The last thing I was playing was Lunar, since I never beat the original, and trying to finish a few TurboGrafx games.

Copiers can't usually be found here anymore. They're too old, and no one wants them. Chinese people do not sell their used goods--they throw them out. No matter how expensive it was originally, they just chuck it. There is no market in this country for second-hand goods. Thus once everyone has chucked their copiers and no more are made, it's over.

Neither TianYi Market or any of the big stores in Zhongguansun (the China equivalent of Akihabara) carry anything earlier than PS2.


I still get a 403 even with copy and paste. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


works for me

D I have one question....Where is the Rum?

As for naming everything lets see you have, some awsomely awsome olive oil, some cooking spray (for those not so good meals)  some eggs, looked like some chocolate chips, various packaged noodles, some vegatables, a half an onion, and well the various sauces and condiment like things, I dont even have a clue.
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The only rum sold in China is Bacardi. I've had to switch to absolut and kahlua.

As for the stuff in the cupboard: linguini noodles, tomato noodles, "convenient noodes" (aka ramen), choclate cookies (basically Oreos minus cream), 2kg box of oatmeal, paste mixes and soup bases, sichuan peppercorn, chicken boullion, rice, jello, Betty Crocker pancake mix, instant mashed potato buds, Capico tomato flavoured chips, really really good olive oil imported from Italy.

The drawer: flour, spare peppermint tea, dried red peppers, naicha (Mongolian milk/butter tea), more jello, ground mala, Chinese cinnamon, cinnamon, black pepper, curry, tomato sauce, salt, LOTS more cinnamon, aniseed, sunflour seeds, hot paprika, fancy paprika, more salt, sugar.

The fridge: Half an onion, sichuan jiachang paste, sunflour oil, a shitload of eggs, hot bean sauce, vinegar, pepper oil, soy sauce, half a bottle of saké, Log Cabin maple syrup, Pepsi Light, northern style dark soy sauce, half a jar of tomato sauce, strawberry juice, water, spinach pulled from the ground a few days ago, limes, apples, peas.

The shelves: crystalized sugar, rock sugar, sunflower seeds, bleach, fabric softener, laundry detergent, Celestial Seasoning's Tension Tamer tea, White Cloud jasmine tea, peppermint tea, blueberry tea, chrysanthemum tea, black tea with rose petals, roobios tea, longan and jujube tea, tie guanyin tea, a very cheap wulong tea, some various sencha tea.


Yeah, I'm getting "Cannot access cgi-bin" errors, so fix your server's htaccess file. Don't be so paranoid. :P


You could always use a proxy. I think I just blocked 90% of the #romhack and Whirlpool userbase because I got sick of dealing with people from there.

Can't say I've seen anything that would make me want to lift that block, anyway ...


That's an interesting looking place.  Alot cleaner and nicer looking than I imagined.

How many square feet would you say it is? - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


QuoteYou could always use a proxy. I think I just blocked 90% of the #romhack and Whirlpool userbase because I got sick of dealing with people from there.

Can't say I've seen anything that would make me want to lift that block, anyway ...

So instead of ignoring people who bother you, you just block them outright? Knowing that you'll probably be blocking people who have no quarrel with you?

And your comment... even now, you're still taking potshots at us. Even those that have pretty much left you alone for a long time. Real mature.


Sleep is like cocaine, for the brain.


I think that's your wallet on the fridge in photo 4.

Also in picture one, that artwork of the man.  Doesn't that kinda creep you out if you look to long at it when you're all alone in your appartment, It just GLARES.  But overall I think it's nice place you got going for you, thank goodness you have paprika.
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Nightcrawler: Not sure. It's big enough where it feels lonely being the only person in it. I'm used to living in rooms only the size of my current bedroom. It is pretty nice though, you should see what apartments in Hohhot look like ...

Tintenfisch: You mean my buddy, Genghis Khan? What's scary about him?