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Did he just say what I think he just said?

Started by Tintenfisch, October 14, 2005, 11:44:02 AM

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We've all had those times where somebody says something so "out there" that you just blink hard and gag on what evers in your mouth?  Give us your tales.


In the mall one day looking to buy a game (freakin Geist).

A man in a large over coat (it was summer) comes up to me

"hey man....You got any E? (Ecstasy)"

"nope sorry buddy"

"Oh......then can I have your shoe?"

2nd time.

The setting is in english class during "computer lab"

Some kid calls the teacher over

"Why is the text black?"  (He was using microsoft word"

the teacher just looks at him trying to make some sense out of it "you mean how do you change the text color?"

"no I want to know why the text is black, it wasn't last time or the time before"

this was well into half the simester.
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Me and my friend are walking down the street and some guy drives up behind us and says "you guys know where I can find some trees)

Now back in the day I smoked my fair share but I quit a long time ago (ok like 2 years ago) and I did have long hair at the time but I had no clue what the hell this guy was talking about  luckily my friend replied with "what do you think this is christmas?"

I gotta say the dumbest thing I ever heard was said by the kid sitting next to me now who said "animal house, there is no way that movie is as good as animal house!"
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Heh, reminds me of the time in first year university when someone in my class asked the teaching assitant what's the number of Pi during a tutorial.