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Uncyclopedia Mockery of Final Fantasy

Started by Lucky Mallet, October 04, 2005, 07:38:28 AM

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Lucky Mallet

QuoteFinal Fantasy

The final fantasy is the very last thing that anyone will ever dream about. Additionally, people also have personal final fantasies. A personal final fantasy is the last thing a certain person ever dreamed about.

The final fantasy novel is the very last novel of the fantasy genre that anyone will ever create. Like personal final fantasies, there are personal final fantasy novels, which only those who have written at least one fantasy novel in their lives can have.

Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy is also a series of video games for the Atari 2600. The name stems from a misspelling of the phrase "Anal Fantasy" by the Japanese creators, which reflects the game's original design concept: an early erotica game. It is a series of First Person Shooters that revolve around the repulsion of alien invaders by an army of vigilante ferrets. These ferrets (code named fighters) wield flamethrowers (black belts) and perform the act of setting fire (white magic) to the aliens (mages), who in turn fire lasers (black magic) back upon the unsuspecting fighters. The fighters have an army of spies (thieves) which they use to decipher the code of the masochistic blue mages. Additionally, there is a group of pikachus called moogles who serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

The Final Fantasy series is one of the most profitable series in the history of ever, and it is reported that the human race, on average, owns 5.97 Final Fantasy games per person. There has been extensive talk of changing the series's name to "Ferret Fantasy," but the executes of Atari decided that doing so would not be in the best economic interest of the company.

This was taken from the Google cache of the article. It's changed a bit since then but the original is HILARIOUS.


that's pretty good.

i never thought something like this existed.
oh and, i uhm, did 'dream' of (like everyone else) to create a final fantasy novel... i wonder what i'd talk about.