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Advent children: crap sandwich on rye

Started by Tintenfisch, September 20, 2005, 01:56:50 AM

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I just had the "pleasure" of watching Advent children of the FF7 veriety (it's all over bittorent) and I will say this.

Good points: Fight scenes were a plus I did enjoy the fighting.  It actualy had to do with a final fantasy unlike spirits within (my ass) and visuals as usual were good for the time period.  The comedy relief was fun to watch, like a clown getting nailed in the head with a baseball

bad points: it was stupid, lame horrible completely empty feeling.  They went through all the trouble of introducing all the old characters again to do, you guessed it, not a damn thing.  that's right, they went through all the trouble of showing everyone from the game so they can do abolutly nothing.

Hell cid didn't even curse or anything which pretty much was his character.  Ugh I can't even describe all the loose ends it stored within it's plague infested frames.  Another thing was the dialogue.  Apparently in this world people like ot interupt each other at the end of each sentence so nobody can havea  complete line.  Rather they like to jump around from scene to scene.

example of what it felt like

You: wow todays a nice day don't what do you-

other: yeah it was lke at the baseball game where I-

you: oh yeah and about those fishing boat they can eb so fa-

other: yeah I do have a back itch problem

Don't see it.  If you do you're fault, if you like it, there's a cure for that, but it involves painting the wall with your brains.  In short
think of the shittiest thing you can think of, multiply it by the highest number you can think of and then double it.  That is the essence of Crap-vent children.  <----advent children summed up
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Great Red Spirit

Thank you

Nice to know that there are more people that vocally said that they didn't think that it was god's gift to the world than there are fingers on one of my hands

From all the reviews I've read (bad and good), I'll wait for the English release, so I can watch it and do something better with my time simutaneously, like read a book, surf the 'net, or stare at a wall
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