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Blinded by your Religion

Started by Nightcrawler, May 25, 2005, 04:03:12 PM

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Ugh.. Crazy lunatic.  Dinasaurs on the ark.. Noah made one hell of a ship to be able to hold many several ton dinasaurs.  And he must have stopped the T-rexes from eating any of his other animal pairs on the ark.

Interpreting the bible literally is scary indeed.  Really.. this might be a case of strong religious beliefs blinding a persons common sense. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Not even all Christians think that one day in Genesis literally means 24 hours.  I guess the guy only believes in literal interpretation.


Well, I believe one day was probably a day. The thing is that when Adam and Eve lived forever it never says how long they are in the garden for. I believe it could have even been a million years that they were living happily before they choose to break God's command. People who claim that the Bible says the earth is 6,000 years old don't know what they are talking about and it's amazing so many people agree with them completely.
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Ohh yeah. Also, if you look at the dimensions of the 'ship', it's more like a giant raft. It's a rectangular shape with an opening at the top. Definitely didn't look like a normal ship with a door on the side. A raft that big probably had a much better way of floating. And if dinosaurs were in the garden then they could have gone extinct long before the ark. Well at least the large land dwelling ones. A dinosaur is actually described in Job 48 or somewhere around there but its a water creature which is usually translation as Leviathon. I think that's where the video games get this name from.
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It's hard to track down the true origins of the words at this point, as so many sources have used them... but I believe the bible also mentions Behemoth somewhere as well... I was always told there were two separate references to specific dinosaurs (Leviathan, and ...), of the thousands of skeletons we have found.


Behemoth is in Job 40:15-24 and Leviathan is mentioned a few times (Job 41, Psalm 104: 25-26 and Isaiah 27:1).

Most of the argument revolves around translation of the original Hebrew word describing the kind of creatures they are (it ends up a load of different ways in English).

I actually heard one Catholic priest who claimed dinosaurs were part of God's first round of creations when he made angels, etc, before a second round of creation which is described in Genesis. He believed the dinosaurs were wiped out after God started over after the war in heaven.

People will go to any lengths to twist reality into their narrow-minded vision ...


It's so easy to just make crap up though when you're dealing with a concept such as God.  God created everything.  God is all knowing.  Therefore, you can make an excuse for just about any idea one can present to challenge your belief. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.