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Started by D--, July 23, 2004, 05:30:22 AM

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Two questions. First, how do you say hot pot in Chinese? Is it just la bao (literally, spicy pot) or is there another word for it? I'm trying to find somewhere around here that does sichuan or, if worse came to worse, menggu hot pot.

Also, I'm kind of looking for a recipe for the broth, but I can't find anything online for sichuan style (though since I don't know the Chinese word for it, that seriously locks off 90% of my search ability). I'm seriously missing this stuff.


Hot pot I think should be huo guo (¤õÁç).

As for broth, it should be ²M´ö.  Si Chuan would be ¥|¤t.

Broth Hot Pot Recipe: (simplified Chinese)

Not sure if that's what you wanted,

Spicy Hot Pot Recipe: (traditional Chinese)

Hope this helps.


huo guo. That's so much, thanks. Joe told me before but I completely forgot.