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Two hands button up the hand gourd...

Started by D--, July 10, 2004, 08:14:38 PM

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As of now, I can't list zhuyin from start to end, since as you said, it's rather odd.  I don't even recall how I really memorized it when I was young, but I sure still remember the sounds, even if they aren't in order.


I thought the main purpose for zhuyin was to teach kids basic strokes for writing characters while teaching them sounds.


Well, never heard of that one.  Don't think they ever told us the real point though.  However, for younger kids zhuyin was used to pernounciate the sound, hence why in the early years of elementary school we have zhuyin beside all the characters so that we can remember the sound.  I recall we have to write zhuyin as well as the character as we copy characters for homework.  Never heard of it being teaching basic strokes though.