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Started by TechMaster, June 11, 2004, 10:11:12 PM

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You went to before and you don't remember you've ever been to them.

For me, it's Emu X Haven.  I seriously don't recall when I joined that board.  I haven't the slightest memory in my brain that links to that board... (and sees that I have about 140 posts on there means I did do something on there before, but one way or another I don't recall anything)


Either that or maybe someone took your name?


Not possible since I had about 30k+ new posts that I haven't read when I signed in today.  I even forgot my old password and had to send a mail to my email ([email protected], the one being used by me right now, and it was the email I used to sign up with, so I definitely signed up myself).


Sorry, but my memory is to good to forget any of the boards I've been on. And as I'm not on many boards I probably won't forget any eather... Besides this board I've only been on the Wakdhacks board (Which is currently really empty...).
Started playing an Rpg. I just never stopped...


I'd have to agree.  I think I remember all the boards I've been to.  I guess the ones I've  been to that I've forgotten, I've never gone back to remind me I had been there so.. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Well, I just searched for Heroine Anthem and somehow the first link from google gave me Emu X Haven's link to a forum topic about the game, and how someone was asking for the game patch since his game can't load.  It's all just a coincidence...