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Back from the dead...yeah...

Started by TechMaster, May 11, 2004, 07:29:33 AM

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Remember the town near the left edge of the map? It has that shrine at the top where you keep going in and there's an old lady who talks about the Time/Space Ring. When you go left there, you're in a desert, then you come across a bunch of magma tiles. A huuuuuuuuge collection of them. If you go through them, up north is the mermaid you bring the King/Queen sword to, but if you go down south, you end up on a little piece of land, walk north and cross over the 1 tile lake stream thing, and go into that cave. This is where the mermaid is that's guarded by the serpent guy, forgot his name, go straight left, and on the bottom you'll notice 2 tiles that are darker than the others. Search on those. That's how you get to Fat Badger's island. I really think this is where you need to go at this point. Once you're there, you head north quite a ways, there's a small 'town' (Only has an inn), and when you head up north from that town, there's a huge mountain range that completely encircles Fat Badger's castle. Which is really creepy looking. There is only one point in the formation that only has one mountain. When you search that mountain, it says that you found a keyhole. As if it were a door. I'd bet for certain you use the tunnel drilling item there, to make a tunnel through the mountain, and get into his castle.