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Got my FoxBox Prize and CDs Today!

Started by Lucky Mallet, February 22, 2004, 12:13:15 AM

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Lucky Mallet

I recieved Kirby's Air Ride for GCN (First prize on the Kirby A La Mode thing) and also 5 CDs I got from eBay.

The first 3 CDs I bought were by the Japanese Goth Rock group Kuroyume. They were Mayoeru Yuritachi (3 bucks), Nakigara Wo (18 bucks!) and Ikiteita Chuuzetsuji (Started as 6 bucks but some bitch tried to outbid me and I ended up paying around 11-12 for it, it's the 6 song EP from Kuroyume's indie period.) I got them all from a seller in Japan, he was pretty cool, and he even threw in a fourth CD, Luna Sea's "MOTHER" for free.

The other was Vanishing Vision by X Japan. At first I thought it was a pirate but ended up being legit, because the seller and item were from taiwan, but the company who released it was a registered one so I went for it. Everything is the same as the japanese packaging, except they added some taiwnese texts in the copyrights and a different CD cover (it was from some Box Set...)

Well, it was my lucky day.

*holds up items and talks like Adam Sandler in his sissy voice*
I'd wike to tank God, and Mommy and Daddy and Sissy and Twanscoap, and Team Spwash, and Pachooka, and Gidyon Zhi, and Sooonic, and Mawio, and...