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Webcomics you read?

Started by Great Red Spirit, November 14, 2003, 11:10:12 PM

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Great Red Spirit

What webcomics do you read?

I read Adventurers (once good, but it keeps getting worse, or maybe just old), Antihero for Hire (good and enjoyable), Captain SNES (alright, mostly check on it weekly), Bob and George (updated a lot, check it every morning for a good chuckle, usually), 8-Bit Theater (personal favorite :) ), and VG Cats (excellent, only started reading it yesterday though :P)

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Too many.  Ones to note are some Chinese ones.  Great joke on the current political situation in Taiwan as well as some Chinese habits. ^^  Read VG Cats as well.  Nice joke on video games lol.


Only 8-bit.

On a side not, those smilies look HILARIOUS as this screen loads... they get HUGE as the screen expands, for some reason...
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