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Demise of Team Splash

Started by Lucky Mallet, November 01, 2003, 10:38:36 PM

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Lucky Mallet

Yup. it happened a few months ago, but it wasn't until now that I decided to report it.

The Team Splash page you are looking at is outdated and virtually obselete. The only project that remains is Baldr Bullet.

The Beggar Prince project has been seized officially by DeathAdder and C&E.  They have much more skill, time, and dreams for it than we ever did, and it will be a professional thing. DA tells me he's going to redump the MD version (which is trying to get from C&E themselves) and it may be possible that the PC version will get translated, too, since he just recently aquired that (accident, but he's also asking for the MD version, still). Expect to see maybe some scans of the manual and PC CD sometime in the very near future.

DA also offered to send me a copy of NBP-PC in the mail, which is almost the same except most of those awful bugs are gone (the glitch that kept you from beating the game in the MD version, the save glitch in emulation, and so on...) and it uses (RIPPABLE!) CD Audio music! You know that will own.

But this is all I can say, Please don't bombard them with emails about it because they're busy enough with other things as it is.

Also, the Rocket Knight Society will still exist, but as part of my new upcoming page that's like a "fan-world" of various content, including Movies, Literature, Games, and Music. This is the kind of page I've been wanting for a while now...

Baldr Bullet will still exist, I'm working on it gradually, but it will be credited individually, not by any group name.

If we do continue to hack/translate games, they will be PC games, not console ROMs.

We are still, occasionally doing translations of some videos, articles, songs, and other things.

Thanks to everyone who supported Team Splash!


That sucks.. but at least the projects are in good hands.  Are you still going to help out with them, or did you just abandom them all together? - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.