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Hurricane Isabel

Started by Nightcrawler, September 15, 2003, 01:42:28 PM

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Seems like the hurricane is coming.  Does anyone live in the projected path of destruction?  I live in NJ, and will probably get it when it is category 1 or even down to a tropical storm, so I will probably be lucky, but down in the carolinas, it's gonna be pretty ugly. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I'm not sure if it's the same hurrican but I heard from my prof that some hurrican will be swiping its tail over Kingston.  I guess it's probably the same hurrican you're talking about.  I currently live in Kingston, Ontario.  North of Toronto.


Yeah, it is.  It's headed to Canada.  But you have nothing to worry about.  It's not a hurricane anymore.  Only has 40mph winds.  It's a tropical storm on it's way to tropical depression.  Nothing more than a normal storm anymore. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


We seem to be okay out here in central Pennsylvania.  The storm seems to be more focused in western Pennsylvania.
We are getting strong winds and some rain but nothing too major.
The ligts have fiickered but we still have power.
I have heard emergency sirens but I don't think there will be any more damage than a regular storm.

I am doing my internship at a school and they cancled school for today as of yesterday. I don't think that was necessary but I'm not complaining about a day off.
The weather reports hiped this storm up way more than was necessary.
They had me nervous about driving today because we were going to have roads flooded with 10" of rain.  But now it seems that we aren't going to come anywhere near that prediction.  Which is fine with me.


Kinda felt it yesturday afternoon.  There was wind and.......wind!  Yeah, not much rain on my side.  Walking to university to eat dinner sure got me a little taste of the storm.  Except that I stayed at school for club (cough, anime, cough) and by midnight (yeah, apparently watched for 5 hours, my arse got pretty sore half the way and had to stand instead of sitting) when I came out it was like nothing had happened (aka storm passed).  That was quicker than I thought.

Gideon Zhi

I got rained on going from the psych building (where one of my classes is) to the campus center (where my job is.) It was raining pretty heavily, but we only got... I don't even know how much we got. I was inside for mot of it. No more than an hour, excluding heavy winds.


well it was like three years ago a hurricane / it name wass george) past rigth thru my city it had like 196 mph winds and it lasted for like 27 hours or something it was incredible yet something i would not like to see again
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