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Started by Princess, August 08, 2003, 09:19:04 AM

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Thankfully I'm leaving for school soon and I can quit my job because my co-workers are driving me up the wall.

I would like to find a job where I actually enjoy being around the people I work with.  So far that hasn't happend for me.
I don't need to be their best friend.  But I would like to think of my fellow workers as a positive aspect of my job.  All the complaining and back stabing really bugs me.

Maybe I just can't work with females.  I need to find a job with a bunch of men.  Hopefully they won't be so damn petty.

So anyway, co-workers.  Do you have them, do you like them?
Got any juicy stories good or bad?

Talk to me, I feel so alone....  :'(


Well, haven't done a real pay job yet but I did do some volunteering job with others.  They're quite nice really.  Guess money corrupts people or something. (heck, it does)


Usually I've been pretty lucky with co-workers. Most of the time I get along with almost all of them, but there's always that ONE person who pushes every single button and just looking at them drives you up the wall.


I've had my ups and downs, I definitely get along with females much better than males though. Co-workers REALLY make the job, unless you work alone...and even then you have to report to someone. Even prostitutes have pimps.
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