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High Point of the Summer

Started by Nightcrawler, August 25, 2003, 10:06:50 AM

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Now that summer is coming to a close.  What was the best part?

I got to go on a trip to Virginia with my friends and girlfriend.  Was 4000ft up in the Appalacian mountains, had plenty of thrills in King's Dominion amusement park, and finished up in Virginia Beach.

Very nice vacation.  I also went to King of Prussia Mall, the largest mall on the East Coast.  

Eating Ice Cream at Dairy Queen is always a great part of summer too! haha - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Sleeping in?  Nah, just joking.

I would say playing and translating Baldr Bullet.  Since it'll take Sparx some time to finish his dump, I'm right now just translating hte script as they appear in the game.  Currently only up to Chapter 2 and already has 55 pages of written/translated script lying around. (it's actually 56 but lost a page)  I wouldn't doubt if I'll have over 500 pages lying around once the script is fully translated. (and it's gonna be a lot of fun trying to insert all those scripts)


The high points of my summer was the first couple weeks when I did nothing at all and these last few weeks.  The last 3 weeks I have been on two week long vacations and got a new computer. Windows XP...... >:(  I am not sure I like it very much.  I haven't looked into it yet but does anyone know if there are emulaters that don't work on XP?  I use Zsnesw the most.  Can that work on XP or is there a beter one to get?

Jay Dragon


Most DOS emulators will not work under XP.  Actually, a good amount of anything DOS will not work on XP.  Good thing I dual boot now with 98 :)

XP uses the NT core.. and inherent to NT is getting rid of DOS.  It's a good move for the most part as replacing the ancient FAT file system with NTFS and finally moving away from OS's built on top an OS from two decades ago(DOS) and moving to a new kernel for once are all good things.  That's why with a properly configured NT/2000/XP machine, you will see it is FAR more stable and efficient.  It does use a bit more memory and resources, but it's worth it.

I do understand a need to run legacy DOS games and apps as I myself have that need.  So, you either need to get a DOS emulator.. dual boot.. or use some other means.  Honestly though, I bet you don't use DOS games and apps more times than you do.  It's an extra hassle to get them to run, but you don't use them as frequently. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Ahhh... Dos games/progs and Xp... It can turn out to be a gamers worst nightmare!  Not to worry though... Zsnes works fine under XP.  If you are in to old pc games though, you may have a harder time tweeking them.  

My Summer was nothing special... i worked the whole damn time, but still managed to find the time to beat Zelda: Occarina of the Time, and Windwaker (way too easy)...  I haven't had a real vacation in almost two years... :(
Hell, I haven't even seen my family for almost 2 years!!

Oh!!  And I also beat Lunar2 last week... What a great game!!! Why, Oh why, had I not played it up until now!?


Yup, that's exactly why I chose to dual boot.  I just couldn't afford to lose DOS compatibility.  Aside from games, alot of hacking tools are DOS.  Hell, even some of MY utilities I have written are DOS.  Sometimes, it's just not practical to whip up a Win32 program for simple stuff. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Lunar 2 must rank in my top 5, maybe my top 3 games of all time. It is SO... SO... GOOD. I have rarely met a game that had a story and characters that were quite so amazingly inolving, and a world that was so cohesive that you felt you could really live it.... Though the Suikoden series (II and III especially) slightly beat out Lunar in my opinion, I can't decide of Suikoden II or III is my favorite game of all time, but it's one of them and the other is second.

Back to the subject, the highlight of my summer literally was sleeping in. I worked so hard last semseter that I really wanted to do nothing other than sleep. I LOVE SLEEP.
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