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Urgent: To TechMastr

Started by D--, August 15, 2003, 09:55:08 PM

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My hard disk BLEW OUT when the initial surge hit at 4:15PM yesterday. I also recieved you money for HA2 yesterday and I'll order it as soon as I can get my PC back up. I'm trying to use my second HD to fire it up and see what the fuck is wrong.

I lost ALL data on my first HD though so that means all the stuff I was working on for Death Adder and all the HA scripts are gone.

I really need you help with this. Tell DA to e-mail me back all the tools I've sent him. Also, please e-mail me any HA scripts you can find anywhere.

Somehow I have a feeling this is going to set us back a long, long way.... :-/


Ok, got it.  I have mailed to DA telling him to mail you the tools for the two games.  I'm going to mail you the HA files you sent me as well as the scripts completed (though not much).

I really hope they don't do this again when i'm in Kingston...

And, thanks for your help on ordering HA2.

Btw, I sent to [email protected] (of course with nospam off), so please check it there.


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