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Main Menu hdd......ahhhhhh

Started by TechMaster, July 12, 2003, 11:13:53 AM

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Yes, I just undergone a hard drive failure.  Occured this morning...  I lost just about everything (my links, ahhhhhH!!!) and my projects (RM2K3....translations....).  I'm currently going around asking for files...  Gahh.....hates it......

Currently operating on my sister's laptop (still on cable connection though, which is good, and there's that fact that my sis' comp is better than mine)


That really sucks. I've been through a few of those. I hope you and RxSparkster didn't lose too much of your work :-/

Oh yeah, as for the files you messaged me for, I'll e-mail some out a bit later. Since I wrote all new tools for the game, Byuu's ugly script dumps went out the window. The new format is a lot easier ot read and to edit. After I get all the old scripts converted over to the new format, I'll send you some more files.


Is this something that happens a lot to people who do rom hacking? I mean, everyone in the translation groups is always complaining about hard drive failures, and I've never had even one...
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Strange... In all my years of "romhacking" I have never experienced a single HD issue.. I must just be lucky...  Oh, and by the way Nightcrawler, I have now infiltrated your board too.. MWAHAHA!!



Well, this is the second time happening to me (one on an older computer, occured after I came back from Taiwan, this one's a newer computer bought, cough, two years ago).

Well, the only thing that I have to complain about my sis' laptop (it can probably play more games than my comp can, so I ain't complaining about compatibility, though it still can't play some Win98 games) is that the mouse sucks big time (I missed my mouse.....) and there's no floppy.  Her laptop ain't equipped with a burner either (dvd-drive, but what's the last time I watched dvds using this laptop anyways, I have a dvd-player upstairs anyways) so I can only transfer files via email and transfer programs (which both kinda blows compared to the solid floppy and cd...)...  It's going to be a pain to transfer all my stuff from this laptop to my new comp once I get to Kingston.



QuoteStrange... In all my years of "romhacking" I have never experienced a single HD issue.. I must just be lucky...  Oh, and by the way Nightcrawler, I have now infiltrated your board too.. MWAHAHA!!


Neither have I..

Yeah yeah, you've infiltrated the board, now.. will you actually make it past 5 posts is the question! There have so many people who make one or two posts and never are heard from again!

Oh yeah.. and they never make new topics.. and then the board gets boring, dull, and dead. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I've had two failures over the years and one time where WInXP just ATE my NTFS file table resulting in all files haivng wrong data and corrupt names. And it just happened ot be C:\Emulators which tended ot have ALL my w.i.p in it.

I think it comes fromt he volume of data you work with. Every time it's happened ot me was when I was working on something that had me constantly modifying, dumping, or deleting gigs and gigs of data. The first time it was Sentimental Graffiti 2 (2.5GB data + backups of GD-ROM ISOS I dumped over my LAN). Then it was Farland Story series + a few other projects.

My current HD is holding up very well *knock on wood* despite the fact my work on HA1 and HA2 has me writing and deleting upto 6GB of data from my disk daily. It just comes with the territory though. I can't say I didn't give my disks a hell of a beating before they conked out.


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