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your favorites things in life

Started by p3arl-jam, June 07, 2003, 04:50:10 PM

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this topic is about the thing you do, the things you have and the people
that makes life worth living..

first of all i love playing my guitar and music
i love my mom an my granfather and grand mother(mother side) i love playing rpgs (wating for castlevania for de ps2 to buy one) and i love animals :P  so whats important for you guys

I will walk...with my hands bound
I will walk...with my face blood
I will walk...with my shadow flag
Into your garden, garden of stone...

pearl jam.


I love my parents, two sisters, and my grand parents.  Love RPGs and games in general.  Like comics and manga.  Message boards too (this one's my fav btw).


I really like drinking a cold beer in a warm afternoon!

But I enjoy allot of other stuff too.


I really miss my fast internet :( That is one of my favoritest things in the whole wide world...

My Grandma, my cats, my GameCube and PlayStation 2, SquareEnix, piano playing, skyy vodka, and my good friends... not the bad ones just the good ones. Oh and of course everyone at Nightcrawler's message board! ;)
It's not the net result of one's life that is important. It's the day-to-day concerns, the personal victories, and the celebration of life...and love