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Crazy, Wild, Fast, Fun, Sexy Cars

Started by Princess, May 29, 2003, 10:16:05 AM

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What is your favorite car?  You could already own it or hope to own it in the future.  Maybe you have driven it in real life or just simulated driving it in your favorite video game.  Tell us all about this wonderful car.   ;D

Or if you have any story related to cars feel free to share.  :)
You don't have to have your license to have a story about a car.  It's more fun to tell stories about stupid things other people did with cars anyway.
For example:
May brother was crazy enough to try to drive a station wagon on the beach down in North Carolina.  Needless to say it did not go well and we got stuck.  The sign for beach access forgot to mention the dire need for four-wheel-drive.  Luckily some beach buffs (big guys with big muscles) pushed our car out.  :)


Minion.  I'm not allowed to have one, though...


Late 70's model Camaro z28 black with gold trim or one of the new camaro SS's.  

Possibly a 3000GT Twin Turbo, althought I've never actually gotten the pleasure to drive one.

I have driven camaros and they are cool. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Errr.....never studied a car.....  I'm pretty sure it's not a car, but I would love to drive a tank XD.

As for driving stories, I was driving alone to some place in our home van and suddenly my eyes starts to hurt.  My vision went blury for about 5 or so seconds before I hit the edge of the side walk (no damage done, but felt the car hit something and I immediately turned left to avoid further damage).  I was able to wipe my eyes and get vision back.  That was a close one though.


I will walk...with my hands bound
I will walk...with my face blood
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pearl jam.


I would pick the same car as NC. They are really great!