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Computer Specs

Started by TechMaster, June 06, 2003, 01:25:10 AM

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This board must not die!  I must make more topics XD.


Celeron 600 mhz
64mb ram
10 gb HDD
S3 4mb graphics
20*10*40 Yamaha CD writer
NEC MultiSync LCD 1830 (this baby costs more than my computer XD)

OS: Chinese Windows 98

I'm most likely going to get a new computer in one or two months after graduation (so close!)


AMD Athlon Thunderbird  1.4Ghz
40GB IBM Deskstar 60GP Hard Drive
Geforce 2 Ultra 64MB
Creative DVD drive
SBlive 5.1
4x4x24 Richo CD Writer
Viewsonic 17GS Monitor
Dex Drive :)

and the mother of all computer parts..
1.44MB floppy drive! Whoohoo! - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


OH YEAH!  That's right!  Floppies! (without that it means I have to literally burn stuff on a CD or transfer from net, which is a major hassle if I could just have a floppy and transfer it from there.  This issue is around my sister's laptop.  I was playing something on there and I want to have the save file transfered to my computer.  Guess what?  No floppy + no internet connection and I had to get it form my sis about a month later where I could've just gotten it rather quickly with the floppy)


athlon xp 1700 plus
geoforce 4 64 mg nvidia chip
60 g hard drive
42x cdw burner
256 ddr ram memory
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pearl jam.


AMD K6-2 500mhz (gotta love the PC store guys who installed a MB with support for max of 450mhz)
Maxtor 20GB HD
GeForce 2 32MB
ATI TV Wonder VE

Gotta love my up-to-date technology:
Sound Blaster 16
Toshiba 8x CD-ROM (yep, that's read-only) from like 1995, about to kick the bucket
Generic 56K ISA modem
NEC Multisync 3V (only 14" big-style, so it must be old, but it works just fine, and it was free :) )


AMD Thunderbird 1Ghz
256Mb Ram
Maxtor 12Gb - Samsung 80Gb - IBM Deskstar 60Gb - IBM Deskstar 180 Gb
Creative Geforce 4 64Mb
SB Live 5.1 Player
Pioneer DVD-RW A04
Philips 19"

OS: Swedish Windows XP Pro

And, Ohh yeah, I also got a floppy ;)