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Breath of Fire soundtracks

Started by KingMike, April 21, 2021, 10:59:06 PM

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I remember some years ago Capcom listed the entire series OST collection. Wasn't it like on vinyl and like $120?
Don't think I'd have paid that, but I did download the digital version, for at least the first two games, that I guess was a somewhat recent Steam release.

It seems they were made from source recordings rather than simply being the SNES tracks.

Was listening to the first game, and wow it did sound much better. Even what I had considered the "average" tracks, were a pretty nice listen.

Though I see Nightcrawler said in his old BoF2 review the music was "slightly catchy to downright annoying".
Harsh words, man. >:( Even on the SNES I liked it, will need to spend some time hearing how the uncut versions sound.


I really disliked Breath of Fire II so that probably influenced my interpretation of the music too! On the other hand, I still remember many tunes from many SNES games, but I don't really remember anything from Bof2. Nothing about it was very memorable! ;D - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.