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Review - Power Dolls (PC)

Started by archita79, November 18, 2015, 07:28:58 PM

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Power Dolls is one of the most underrated PC tactical game. A little '90 classic title of Kogado Studio. There are various products of Power Dolls Serie ( Power Dolls: 25th Century Freedom Fighters is english release title of first game ).

Power Dolls ( D.O.L.L.S Detachment of Limited Line Service ) is a team of female pilots that ride mechs and air transport units. Player is commander of this team. Every girl has own skills ( RPG feature ) and every mecha has own combat role,weapons and chassis. Player must assign pilots to mecha and transport units within limit of cargo transport. Mecha are landed on map ( beware to landing phase ). Every mecha has own action points on movement and fight and other. Missions are hard and enemy units are various and dangerous ( map is great however, the landing phase is decisive for a good strategy plan ) .

A little gem ! :)