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Started by Rpgfreak, January 26, 2007, 07:18:04 AM

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Updated the list. Cleaned it up a bit to make extra space to write in. Checked Rawasu. And found an site on which they called it Rawasu - La wares

I don't keep track of the USA released games anymore as it definately won't fit in 1 post here. And to the translation world these games aren't relevant except for an occasional fangroup that would want to translate it to their own language (non-english, non-japanese).
For the final fantasy series, I won't add those as all final fantasy games do have an english release (Most of them are released for the PS).
Started playing an Rpg. I just never stopped...


Oh ok, I thought we were going for a complete SNES RPG list.  On a side note, I wouldn't consider quite a few of these games to be "true RPG's" but the ones that really stand out to me that are not RPG's are the Goemon games (2-4), they are more like platformers/action adventure and Captain Tsubasa while having RPG like elements to it, isn't really an RPG.


Tengai Makyou Zero is on there twice, also listed as Far East of Eden Zero

that is if i'm going of the right list (the first post?)

are we going off the japanese names or translation them?


Just wanted to say that's a really awesome list you guys put together.  Well done!


Moved Lennus 2 to in progress (Magic destiny revived so it seems after 4 years of absence, dunno how much we can expect though). And I guess it's about time I start updating the list again. I guess I'm a half year behind or so...

Edit: Moved a few in progress translations to translated.

Edit: made changes according to KingMike's remarks below.
Started playing an Rpg. I just never stopped...


Emerald Dragon and Danzarb have been finished relatively recently, too.
(Ryukihei no Danzarb -> Dragon Squadron Danzarb)

I noticed another one. Ushio to Tora should be removed. The SNES game isn't an RPG (whereas the NES game was).


Hanjuku Hereoes

In Progress:
DragonQuest 3  -Translation in progress (RPGOne.)  
Lennus 2 (Magic Destiny)

Gil Galad is working on Hanjuku Hero.
Dragon Quest 3 is fully translated, Lennus 2 as well.


I made the edit since Rpgfreak hasn't been here since May. I don't want to make a habit of that though, so I hope he comes back soon. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I think Gil only does NES-related translations and that Hanjuku Hero is for the NES.


After looking at some screenshots and looking the game information, it sure seems that way! Removed. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.

Gideon Zhi

Should be noted that even though Gil is indeed working on Hanjuku Hero for the NES, there's also an SNES Hanjuku Hero game which is currently untranslated.


Momotaro Dentetsu Happy is a board game, so it should be removed.
Actually, most Momotaros I think are board games. These are the RPGs I know of:
Momotaro Densetsu/Turbo (FC/PCE/X68K)
Momotaro Densetsu II (PCE/PS1)
Momotaro Densetsu Gaiden (GB/FC/PCE)
Shin Momotaro Densetsu (SFC)
Momotaro Densetsu 1 kara 2 (a compilation for GBC)


Ah yes, I forgot, FEDA's finished, and I wonder why Angelique got its way into an RPG list.



Thanks. Added it back with the addition of the Japanese name from GameFAQs to try to avoid further confusion.


Ok. Removed Momotarou Densetsu Happy.


Updated FEDA.

I think we can leave Angelique in there for now. Despite being dating focused, it seems to look very RPG like from the screenshots, as much as say Zelda, which in and of itself would be an RPG debate.

Has anybody actually played it and can provide some additional information? - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Here are some more screenshots about Angelique, and here's a quote from the AnimeSuki forums:

QuoteThe info on the game series is partially incorrect-the only ones on an NEC system to my knowledge were the PC-FX releases, all of which were available on other consoles. The first game was actually released on SNES (with a few rereleases such as on GBA). The games, in no particular order:

Angelique/Angelique Voice Fantasy (SNES, GBA)-first arc
Special 1 (Saturn, PC-FX, PC)-first arc
Special 2 (Saturn, PC, possibly PC-FX)-second arc
Fushigi no Kuni no Angelique (Saturn, GBA, PSX, possibly others)-first arc
Duet (Saturn, possibly others)-first arc
Trois (PS2 only)-I'm not sure what arc this is, probably second.
Etoile (PC, PS2)-Third arc
Etoile Prologue (PC)-Third arc
Sweet Ange (GBC only)-first arc? Not canon
Tenkuu no Requiem (PSX only)-second arc

Most of these are simulation games. The plot varies a bit from game to game, but as a side plot in each, you can date the Guardians (the original 9 in the first arc, with more available in the second and third arcs). In the first arc, Angelique and Rosalia are competing to become the Queen of the Cosmos. In the second, Angelique Limoges is queen with Rosalia as her aide, and Angelique Collet and Rachel Hart are in a competition for rule of a second Cosmos. The third arc deals with a girl named Ange who was chosen to save both of the cosmos..
The manga series is part of the first arc as well, but the game series came first.

I'll try playing the game tomorrow.

EDIT: Sorry for the long absence, but yes, it does look like The Legend of Zelda in some parts.