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Legendary Starfy

Started by KingMike, June 15, 2009, 07:00:46 PM

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So I'm playing Starfy 5 (or known as Legendary Starfy since it's the only one released in English).
Um... in the levels where Starly is allowed, can I switch to her in single-player?
She first appears for the boss fight in 1-4, but it's pretty easy, so I don't need her.
But in 2-1, I see some pearls only she can reach.
I'm hoping that she isn't needed to reach any secrets (like chests) or if she is, I don't need a second DS.
Because then I think I might need to write Nintendo an angry letter... :P


As far as I am concerned I beat this, but really.



That's the first time I have ever seen you go off like that, I do know the feeling though. A friend of mine just picked it up, he did not mention the switching though.

I was curious what the answer was in regard to Starly?

Was it at least an epic button mashing sequence?
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It's a really stupid "mash Y as fast as humanly possible".
Essentially playing tug-of-war with the moon.
Never been good at rapid-fire button mashing. I don't think it's really a fair challenge to require it, especially after two reasonably difficult rounds against the boss (which you have to repeat from the beginning if you lose).
(the main boss fight is something like this:
Round 1, first 3 hits: boss charges into the wall. Jump over him and hit him while he's stunned.
Round 1, next 4 hits: boss shoots lightning. There will be warning flashes telling you where he's going to strike. With practice, you can use that to find a safe spot to wait it out. Then he uses the charging move.
Round 1, last 3 hits: he tries to inhale you (instant loss). Dash away while dodging/smashing rocks)
Round 2, first half: smack his forehead while floating in space. Then he flies in the background spitting rocks. Use the spin attack to swat the rocks back at him. It's challenging as you have to have to spin while not moving. If you push attack while moving, you use a different move that doesn't reflect the rocks.
Round 2, second half: same but with lightning. Since you have to move to dodge/hit the rocks, it's harder to stay in a safe spot.
Also, the boss flies around quite a bit, so he'll probably dodge some of the rocks.)
Only game I've seen pull that was one event in Chrono Trigger, and even then I think it stopped forcing you after a few times.
It especially contrasts to the rest of the game, which is fairly easy but pretty fun. A few somewhat annoying mini-games are required to unlock the "secret" levels, but not too bad.
Actually, one of them I remember was challenging due to a game mechanic in normal play that punishes mashing the attack button. If you make Starfy use his spin attack too many times in a row, he'll get dizzy and you can't move for a few seconds. In this game, you have to swat away a flurry of penguins trying to steal some food. You have to hit them quickly, but not so quickly Starfy spins out.


That does sound pretty awesome! I am down with penguin swatting =p

Understandable frustration though.

Personally I like last bosses to be prolific, and have that be it. Minor gripe, but it really does annoy me (Parasite Eve!)

Just as a side note, I actually looked up the first games wiki article while typing this to see if penguins were also involved.

Sleep is like cocaine, for the brain.


QuoteAs far as I am concerned I beat this, but really.