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Anybody ever try out the Persona games on PS2?

Started by ultpaladin, January 31, 2009, 12:27:51 PM

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I have some Best Buy gift cards and I was thinking of trying out Persona 4.  I saw it got pretty good ratings, has anyone here played it?  How does the time factor work out?  Does it feel like you are constantly watching down a ticking clock or is a decent amount of flexibility in the game?  Would you recommend the game?
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I just beat it for a second time a short while ago. I personally recommend it, but I recommend all Persona games, so do not take that to seriously.

It is certainly alot more flexible then the 3rd if you ever played that. Of course the system itself is still very constricting but you have a great deal of leeway. As well as all that you are not heavily penalized for not taking part in every little thing that pops up (instead choosing you use that time to do what you want)

The element of freedom shines through more so then in Persona 3 but you always feel tight for time. I personally loved it, if you know what the Persona series is about I say go for it. Of course if you have not played P3 that may or may not be a better starting point.

This is just my opinion and it is cut down to this

Persona 3 has a better developed more epic story, and perhaps the better characters. Persona 4 has a better setting, and a better system with less restrictions.
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