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Creating an RPG

Started by Nightcrawler, June 25, 2003, 08:27:57 AM

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Visual C++ 6 loads just fine on XP Bongo.  Why doesn't yours load?
Does it give you an error?

Sadly, making an engine is just the beginning.  Making an good RPG is just a very massive project hence why teams of many people work on them. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Well, actually, the engine IS the heart. That's all I worry about. My utils let the Event / Script builder handle all the Sprite locations and the text associated with them. All the goodies are in one big map builder crap program I coded which I'm fixing up so it is easier to use. So whoever decides to write the game's story line would either have to deal with the Map builder / Script-event coder.

As for my VC6, I have a burnt copy of VC++ 6 and it gives me a stupid error when I try to load it. But It will load on Win98se...
Hatred is an illness... I feel your pain.


Yeah, that's a good size portion alright, but think of everything else that needs to happen for a full game.  You need to code a battle engine, develop monsters, and AI.  Unless you are gonna just keep ripping graphics and sound which makes your game completely unoriginal, you need to develop graphics for the entire game, maps, cut scenes, compose music, develop an item system, magic system, spell graphical effects, etc.

Also, one of the hardest things is taking your story and then trying to turn it into a game. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Most definitely.. The battle engine is just about done. I had it like a FF3(6) style battle system but then dcided that was not what I wanted. So I went to a turn base style. The items and just about anything else is ran using the scripting engine. An item's use is based on the area, the game status, etc. All controlled by my nice little if , elseif, endif control structure. That is really an important part of a cript engine. But I know how hard it will be. That's why my first game is going to be a fan-base game =]. I am doing everything on my own. it can be fun.
Hatred is an illness... I feel your pain.


Goodluck on it.  I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor! :) - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I have resurrected this topic from the dead just to say I've started over in my gaming ventures this year and have been working on recoding everything I did before.  

I've made a new basic D3D 2d/3d rendering engine again.  Still tons of features missing that I used to have, but I'm working on it.  At least this time I understand D3D MUCH better.  For some reason re-learning this stuff made some 3D concepts much more clear to me.  I sure did need a refresher having not touched this stuff in about a year.

This has of course taken up my time away from romhacking lately.  I haven't done anything since the ED patch release.  But oh well, this is more fun at the moment!  ;D  Not like I'll have a script for Wozz or ED anytime soon to finish them up.

So, yeah.. maybe I'll post some screenshots or something in the future when I get something up and running again. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


you mean like with RPG maker(s) ?


No.. i'm coding a game engine from scratch in C/C++ with Direct3D for graphics.

I suppose in a sense it is like making an rpgmaker.. since the basic engine components can then be applied to a variety of games pretty easily.  A real RPGamaker is quite a bit more flexible though and coded a bit differently.  

I'm working on the physics/gameplay engine at this point.  I'm starting out with platformer type mario clone, so I'm working on jumping and gravity, acceleration, etc.. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I am trying to make a cartoon RPG using RPGMaker 2003, but there are some things I don't understand with the program, like making maps, starting party positions, game character and menu script, and story lines. I'll probably need help with it.


As much of a reputation that Sky Render has, I would highly recommend checking out his work in the area of original RPGs.

his first complete RPG made with RPGMaker 2003

he is planning on making the sequel in RPGMaker XP and learning Ruby so he can highly modify the way the game operates, he also hopes to learn other coding languages so he can have more freedom, here is his concept for the sequel

I enjoyed the first game, it's got an interesting plot.


How has your RPG been progressing Nightcrawler?


Unfortunately, it's not. I finished a small demo complete with graphics, sound, and some gameplay. Then I got away from it and never got the chance to get back to it yet. Too many hobbies competing for my limited time. It seems to take me years to be able to completely any projects anymore. :'(

One day it shall be done... - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Haha, too true. A couple of years back me and a few mates had a pretty quality RPG project moving along, (although it was only on RM2K3,) we coded custom menus and a custom battle system, but then social\school life took over among another hundred things, its a lot of fun, but it almost needs to be a career for you to have the free hours upon hours needed for planning and mapping and coding etc. Did you ever put your demo up for download anywhere?


I only gave it out privately. It only ran on some computers as several video options were hard coded and couldn't be changed. So depending on what video card and resolution, it would or wouldn't work. I never got around to cleaning it up for any public beta. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Well I'm working on a game using Sphere it's a multiple game Engine so Side-Scrollers,RPGs etc. can be made with it, much like the RPG Maker Series it also has a point of hard coding as well. JavaScript is the language used, although it has it's own RPG langauge on earlier versions, the latest version uses JavaScript "Spider Monkey" and so on to future versions as well.

Some of us know that JavaScript is a Web-Based Programming Language and so it consists of 3 parts: Core, Client, Server.
Sphere uses the Core part, so the other 2 parts are for and purposely Web-Based Programming

it's easy and I already attempted an RPG game entitled "Crescent Moon Island" but failed I'm still attempting to make it again though  :P