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Creating an RPG

Started by Nightcrawler, June 25, 2003, 08:27:57 AM

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Do any of you have any interest in creating an RPG?  If so, have you ever tried? - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


I have defiantly thought about it.  My computer knowledge is limited though.  I know nothing of graphics and have only taken 2 classes in visual basic which isn't a game making language.  I have also gotten one of those rpg makers, RPG Maker 2000, but haven't gotten myself to see what it is like.  I thought of trying out the rpg maker to see if I could make a story or a world that wouldn't make people scream in agony.  I would certainly like to try and make one even if the only ones who ever see it are my friends.

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I am considering rounding a few people up to possibly create some kind of game.

I know C/C++, Win32, AND DirectX/D3D.  In fact, I developed a small test 2d engine already.  But making a game by yourself takes a very very long time.  It also detracts my attention from Wozz and Emerald Dragon :)

Just making all the graphics and sound takes more work than coding the game.  

I never really got into those game makers.. but I guess that's because I know how to program.

If you know Visual Basic, you at least know something.  You should try to learn C/C++.  You can make a game in that.

You CAN make a game in Visual Basic.. although you will probalby need to be pretty advanced with it to make something decent in VB.

I vote learn C/C++.  Much less limiting language. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Yes.  I've worked with visual basics before though didn't learn a lot.  Complete newb at the programming language (C/C++).  I've played with RM2K and RM2K3 and have decent knowledge of them (though not as advanced as others, I would consider though as above average knowledge) to actually make something.  The only problem with them is that it will require me to spend less time on games and those translations I'm working on.  Despite it is summer, I'm planning on to finish the translations in these two months so when I go to university I would concentrate on learning (and then during summer I'll be working on stuff again).  I don't want to screw up my first year.


i would like to participate i dont know much about computers but i can help with the scrip historie caracters an ideas just rigth now i thougth of a pretty cool plot or at least the begining
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I've been making synopsis and maps, and even a few scripts for games for the past 8 years. Most of them are spanned across about 15 legal pads in my room. It's something I've always wanted to do. But it's impossible ot find other people who are dedicated to it. And when you're only person doing any work, you tend to tire quite quickly :-/

If you're serious about it, I'd love to help out with script/scenario writing or maps. I have a lot of writing experience (surprise surprise) and when I'm devoted to a project, I can work very very quickly. Those are pretty much my only skills, though.

I've tried ot put something together multiple times. But it's always just too much work for one person. I'm loathe to resort to default sprites/bgr/bgm from RM2K.


Well.. my Direct3D 2d/3d engine is in it's infancy still and I have very little time to devote to it.  I'll keep you all posted if I develop anything worth using.  It could probably be used for a 2d only game sometime in the near future. - The central hub of the ROM hacking community.


Hmm... Wasn't Demi talking about creating his own rpg?


No, he was talking about replicating the Chrono Trigger engine and remaking Chrono Cross for it.


as i have said in the past ill be interested in doing such a project just contact me
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I really want to create an RPG, I just haven't had the time or patience to do one with RPGMaker yet. You can't do the sorts of things I'd want to do, and the ones you can are so pointlessly complicated that I don't care to use it too much. I'm a horrible artist, too, so that doesn't help with custom sprites.


I am an awesome writer - and I say that only because everyone tells me so, not because I think I am. Also, I love writing music, so that would be another specialty. The thing that bothers me most about any RPG is bad characterization - it shouldn't just be a sprite telling a story, it should be a character who thinks and feels and reacts, and that should show in the dialogue and action.

So I'd love to help with those aspects, anyway... gotta run though!
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Well, I have been talking about making an RPG for a while now.
I actually have a DirectX 2d Tile-based engine up and running. I stopped because I knew I was gonna make some changes to the controls. The engine is currently running my DW clone using DQ1,2, & 6 tiles and sprites. I think I showed NC my old version for C++ Builder. My new engine is running on V++ 6. I stopped dev'ing because Win XP won't load my VC+= 6  :-/  

But the scripting engine is about 90% complete. I am adding Emotion bubbles since I don't know how to draw.

Object A.I. and all that crap is working. Will post a copy when I get home so some people can check it out!  ;D

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I don't think that anyone who has played an RPG hasn't thought about making their own, myself included. I've never tried though. I figured I'd learn me up some programming language before I gave it a shot. I know some Java, some C++ and some IJVM (a very small instruction set asm language). I haven't tried to make am engine yet, though.


I forgot to mention that I know BASIC, C/C++, 6502 ASM, 5816 ASM, and 80x86 ASM. But I still suck!  ;)
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I tried one with RPGMaker2000/3, but I quit working on it after I realized what an awful story it had (plus, it was a make-it-up-as-you-go, bad idea :P)
Now I'm learning C++/DirectX, and when I'm a lot more proficient in it then I am right now, I'll try making an RPG then :)
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