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Emerald Dragon question

Started by Scimitar, September 06, 2008, 05:38:55 AM

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Hello, just got around to starting up the game and i'm there any way to get control over all party members or do they always act on their own?  I'm usually not a big fan of automated battling unless I need to quickly end a battle with a round of attacks but it would improve the strategy a bit if you could control everyone.


I don;t remember any way to control anybody besides the main character.  You might be able to have them use items, but besides that I don't think you have any control over them.  It's been awhile since I played that though, so I may not remember correctly.


No. Atrushan is the only controllable character, and only Atrushan and Tamryn gain experience (for anybody else, they may gain levels, but that is predetermined, probably in the event code).


Yeah I realize that now, at least you are able to access the menu during other characters' turns and use items/direct attacks toward specific enemies that helped out some.  

Just finished this game today (my b-day) and it was a really great game..I thoroughly enjoyed just about every aspect of it.  Thanks to Nightcrawler and co. for the English translation, much appreciated.